The Call Broadcast


Thanks for visiting The Call Broadcast where you can tune in every weekday. World Gospel Mission’s president, Dr. Dan Schafer, will share a one-minute inspirational message on issues relating to missions, holiness, and spiritual leadership. For encouragement, spiritually uplifting ways to get involved in missions, challenging devotionals, and much more, follow The Call Broadcast!

April Sessions

1- Prepare the Heart

2- Prepare the Mind

3- Prepare the Body

4- Prepare the Vision

5- Prepare the Feet

6- Prepare the Hearing

7- Prepare the Home

8- Prepare the Community

9- Prepare the Church

10- Prepare the Spirit

11- Share the Miracle

12- Model the Miracle

13- Evangelize the Lost

14- Equip Believers

15- Reach the World

16- Anticipate the Return

17- Fund the Work

18- Carry the Cross

19- Share the Glory

20- Face the Tests


March Sessions

1 –Serve with a Purpose

2 –Serve with a Passion

3 –Serve with a Loving Heart

4 –Serve with a Giving Spirit

5 –Serve Gratefully

6 –Serve with Respect

7 –Serve with Firm Belief

8 –Serve with a Vision

9 –Serve with Flexibility

10 –Serve with a Spirit Filled Life

11 –Serve with Discernment

12 –Serve with Authority

13 –Serve Faithfully

14 –Serve with Integrity

15 –Serve Skillfully

16 –Serve with a Forgiving Spirit

17 –Serve Cooperately

18 –Serve  with Courage

19 –Serve with Humility

20 –Serve Prayerfully

21 –Serve Methodically

22 –Serve with Urgency

23 –Serve Personally