WGM Needs You!

Studies show that if children are not active in church by the age of 12, the odds of them becoming active drop significantly in their teenage years and beyond. Additional research by Barna, Gallup, Pew, and several universities shows that going to church can:

  • increase life expectancy by eight years
  • increase the odds of having a happy, healthy life
  • reduce the use of alcohol and drugs
  • lower the risk of suicide
  • increase school participation

These are just a few reasons why children’s and youth ministries are so vital on fields around the globe. Specific needs through WGM include:

Whether the Lord is calling you to go short term or long term, there’s no better place to be than in the center of His will. Click the above links to view downloadable PDFs of each need. Don’t see something for you? Contact Jared Gleason at recruiting@wgm.org for more ministry opportunities with WGM.

Pray for the World’s Lost

“If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” John 14:14 (RSV)

There are 6.5 billion people in the world, and 2 billion have never heard the life-saving message of the gospel. When numbers get that high, they seem to lose their meaning. However, if we shrink the world’s population into a village of 100 people, perhaps we can start to make sense of the dire needs that crush the global population. According to www.prayercast.com, the world as a village of 100 would look like this:

  • Six people (all U.S citizens) own 58 percent of the wealth while 74 own 39 percent.
  • If you have a bank account (with any amount), you are among the richest 30 people.
  • A total of 18 people struggle to live on $1 per day while 53 struggle to live on $2 per day.
  • Roughly 20 people are undernourished, 15 are overweight, and one dies of starvation.
  • Another 20 people have no clean drinking water, 56 have no access to sanitation, and 80 live in substandard housing.
  • One person has AIDS while one has a university degree.
  • Seven people have computers, 67 are illiterate, and 48 cannot speak freely of their religious faith.

WATCH: What can we do when everything seems too vast and complex? We can pray! Watch this PrayerCast video by One Way Ministries and join in praying for the lost in our world.