Needs are Met and Seeds are Growing

This month in our theme #GoGrowChange, we have been focusing on the topic of “seeds”—ministries that have started in the past year or few years and are beginning to take root and grow. I encourage you to listen to Jade Metz, WGM missionary to Uganda, as she talks about the Diginity Project. Nathan and Jade serve in pastoral training and compassionate ministries. 


Dignity Project AGM 2016 Report by Jade Metz

“Shortly after our last AGM in December 2015 Caroline Ouma, Winnie Mugisha and I distributed 75 Dignity Project Kits to new and expectant moms on the maternity ward at Naguru Hospital and the Kisugu Clinic. We prayed with the families and even got to name a couple of babies!

“In January Caroline Abbo and I were invited by Rev. Martin to put on a Dignity Project training at his church. The ladies had been using the products for a few months and were eager for us to teach them how to make the reusable pads. Twelve woman attended the training!


“In February Chalapi Uganda hosted a Dignity Project training in Kasese. Fellow missionary Meg Rambo, visitor Andrea Vinluen and I trained 50 men and women. Chalapi aims ‘to see a better living environment and dignity for prisoners, ex-prisoners and the underprivileged population.’ It was a perfect fit! We trained the attendees as well as distributed 50 Dignity Project Kits. The following day we went with a group from Chalapi to distribute kits and Bibles to 16 inmates in prison. On that day God showed me that this project is not about the pads, it’s about teaching vulnerable women about Jesus! The pads are a way for me to get into places to meet with women who feel like they are too far from God’s reach. Twelve women gave their life to Christ that day! May God be glorified!

“From April to June I spent nearly every Thursday volunteering at Butabika Hospital training 4 patients. The director shared with me that the women were using cotton wrapped in gauze during their periods and that he wanted the women who were mentally able to use our products. Every Thursday the women and I would work on one step of the pattern and perfect it. I read my Bible to them while they worked on the pattern. They loved listening to me read and would ask many questions about the Scriptures. One of the patients that I taught was Anita, Idi Amin’s daughter. Once again, God put me in a unique place to share the love of Christ with women who felt hopeless,
ashamed and outcast. What an awesome God!


“In May I distributed 150 kits to expectant and new moms on the maternity ward at Naguru Hospital. The moms and nurses on these maternity wards love these products! In June four of the women from Reverend Martin’s church came to my home to celebrate! They had been practicing their sewing skills for 5 months and wanted to show me their completed pads. We enjoyed a meal together and played yard games. They shared with me that they are now making the pads to use as a ministry tool for the
young girls in their community. God is good!

“God is so creative! I’m so grateful He uses simple things like reusable sanitary pads to reach His children!”

Labor of Love: Reaching Those in Need

Meg Rambo and Jade Metz went together  to minister at a prison in Uganda. Read more to hear about the awesome impact God had through their speaking and gifts and what you can do to get involved from the United States.

Meg Rambo stated, “Our friend Jade came with her friend Andrea to Kasese this weekend for ministry. Here is her testimony:


In photo Jade Metz, Meg Rambo, Andrea Vinluan, and others. No women from the prison are in the picture.

“Who is ready to shout and clap for the Lord?!

‘Today we had the honor of bringing The Dignity Project to 16 female inmates in a prison just outside Kasese, Uganda (about 7 hours from my home). The women had been using scrap cloth and soil on their period due to the lack of a sanitary products. They rejoiced over their new reusable sanitary pads lovingly made by women in America.


Joy and Crystal from Indiana rocking out these labors of love!

‘After sharing about the pads, the Holy Spirit prompted me to share my testimony with the inmates. Of how there is nothing you can do that God cannot redeem. Of how when we accept Christ as our Savior, He replaces our guilt and shame with a spirit of peace, joy and daughtership. Friends, ELEVEN of the sixteen women confessed their sins and accepted Christ as their Savior! Rejoice with us!

‘I’m overwhelmed that God used a reusable sanitary pad as a means to share the gospel with these precious women!

‘Please pray for your new sisters in Christ and for our friends in Kasese who will disciple them. May God be glorified!'”


Cassidy (age 9) has made 26!

If you were inspired by this story and want to know more, follow this link and get involved. You can make a difference! Everyone is qualified to do God’s work no matter what country they’re in. Join the movement that’s changing women’s lives and the culture of Uganda. Women who were once forced to leave their homes and go into the bush for their menstruation now have a new sense of dignity.