God’s Work from the Ground Up

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On page 80 of Miracle at Tenwek by Gregg Lewis, WGM missionary Dr. Ernie Steury shared: “This past year 55 people found the Lord at the hospital, and so far in 1965 we have seen a wonderful response. This morning after church a former patient we operated on for a bowel obstruction last year came up to speak to me. He found the Lord while in the hospital and he wanted me to know he was still living a Christian life. This morning he was especially happy because his two young sons have also become believers now. He really is such an enthusiastic Christian; it’s thrilling for us to see former patients like this.”


In response to this excerpt, Dr. Dan Schafer, president of WGM, stated: “More than 50 years later, God continues to work through this special place called Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. If Dr. Steury were writing about the events of today, they would sound nearly the same as they did back then. The miracle of Tenwek continues.”

World Gospel Mission needs harvest workers to help take the fertile dirt of the field, plant new ministry seeds, and tend to the mission fields already established. Please pray that the Lord will use short-term missions experiences to draw more workers into full-time ministry. (If you or someone you know is interested in serving, contact recruiting@wgm.org.)

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Like the green things God made during creation, WGM is constantly working to grow and change to reach the world around us. We have chosen this idea of growth and change as our theme for 2017. Over the course of the next year (month by month), we will be exploring the theme #GoGrowChange with you. Together, we will dive into what God is doing and discover how the different stages of growth relate to the amazing gardening God is doing through WGM.

This month, we are focusing on #Dirt—the hard stuff, the basis and foundation for real change, milestones or setbacks where God makes His presence known. Thank you for joining us on our journey as we explore God’s labor of love to turn us into a sturdy tree in a world in need of shade.

“The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 1:12 NIV)

2nd Annual My Grown-Up Christmas List

Last year, Heath and Angela Many, missionaries serving in Kenya at Tenwek Hospital, posted a Christmas list on their blog of the greatest needs in Kenya that you could donate to. This year, they decided to make a list again. Is the Lord calling you to get involved in the Manys’ ministry by making a special Christmas donation?


Photo credit: Heath and Angela Many

“Tis the season!  No better day than ‘Giving Tuesday’ to roll out my 2nd annual Grown up Christmas List!  Even though this year we will have the joy of celebrating Christmas in America, our hearts and minds are still with our Kenyan friends and neighbors.  Throughout the past few years, our vision has grown bigger, our passion deeper, and our excitement greater about what God is doing in East Africa through Tenwek Hospital, our PAACS graduates, and our local Kenyan church.

“Although it has been humbling and challenging to live and work in an area of the world with such great need, it has also been rewarding beyond measure.  I know that our blog has been silent since our return to the US this past summer.  We have found it difficult to express in words the ups and downs of living between two ‘homes.’  Returning to the US with fresh eyes has been interesting!  Maybe we will share more in a future post about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this fresh perspective.  But one surprising outcome of our experience so far in serving as ‘missionaries’ is the amazing way that God has allowed us to connect so many people within our circle (and even beyond) to His work in the world.  Ironically, even though we have ‘less’ by the world’s standards now, we have been able to GIVE even MORE…by being conduits of your blessings which have been given so generously.

“We have been continually amazed at how God has used YOU (our community in America) to bless our community in Kenya!  So in this season of giving, we wanted to again highlight some needs near to our hearts.  If you are hoping to make a real difference with your dollars this Christmas season, instead of more online shopping for more ‘stuff’…consider one of our wish-list items!”

To see their entire Christmas list, visit the Manys’ ministry blog. WGM can also help you find other ways to get involved in the ministry at Tenwek Hospital. Click this link to explore and learn about the missionaries, needs, history, and more.




Prayer and Faith in God’s Unseen Work

Mike and Julie Ganey are missionaries who serve at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. In their latest blog post, Julie talks about the expectation of and faith for God to work before we see the results. Read more to hear some encouraging and challenging words from this field in Africa.


Photo Credit: Julie Ganey

“Just recently I was reading the biography of George Mueller to Eden for school.  He was a man who walked by faith by caring for orphans in England and never asked for money from anyone.  He prayed and asked God, who was faithful to provide for hundreds of orphans.  One day, one of the women helping care for the children came to George and said ‘The day has finally come.  The children are lined up for the meal and there is no food.’  George called over his granddaughter.  He wanted her to see how the Lord was going to answer his prayer.  By the time George finished the prayer for the meal, there was a knock on the door, and enough bread and milk for all the children’s meal was delivered.  It was so impressive to me.  It’s one thing to tell what the Lord has done, once he’s done it.  But it’s another thing to call witnesses to watch and see what the Lord will do before we can see it with our natural eyes.  I want that kind of faith.

“So this post has two motives.  First, to ask for prayer.  And the second is to call witnesses to see what the Lord will do.  When we were at Tenwek from ’06-’08, it was an intense two years, lots of good and some really challenging times.  Some even traumatic for me.  I thought after years of being away in the US and having those events far behind me, that I was moving on.  Since returning, though, especially with children, it seems that those events are not behind me.  In fact, I’ve been showing signs of PTSD.  Thankfully, the Lord has brought people to come alongside me and help me.  And God’s provision in this gives me confidence that he is in control of this even when I am not….which is always.

To read the rest of the Ganeys’ blog post, go to www.ganeys.com/blog.


Photo Credit: Julie Ganey



New Missionary Disciples

World Gospel Mission’s purpose, at its core, is to send those who feel God’s call. Here are some of our new missionary disciples who are answering the call!

Louise Ragan is from New Jersey and her country of service is currently undesignated as WGM works with her on placement.

Clark and Valerie Sleeth served with Samaritan’s Purse at Tenwek in Kenya for a month and are now returning to serve as missionary disciples at Tenwek.

Will you join us in praying for these as they continue this journey into what God has for them in a new place?