Chogoria Chaplains’ Excellent Work

Jim and Martha Ritchie are missionaries working in medical training and discipleship at Chogoria Hospital in Kenya. In their most recent ministry blog update, they speak about the wonderful work the chaplains are doing at Chogoria despite the government doctors’ strike. Learn more about how God is using those in His service at Chogoria to lift up the poor in spirit.

“The Chaplains in Chogoria continue to carry an enormous burden of care.  Right now in Kenya, the government doctors have been on strike for three months, and many of the patients who would normally go to the government hospitals have sought care at the Mission Hospitals.  Consequently, the workload for Chogoria has increased dramatically.  Sadly some of the government-sponsored doctors who work at Chogoria felt compelled to join the strike, so staffing is decreased despite the increased workload.  In the middle of the struggle are our magnificent Chaplains.

“Every month, our Chaplains produce a report of their activities.  I thought I might reproduce their most recent report here to give you an idea of their wonderful work.  They don’t just sit around in the office waiting for work.  They are out in the wards and offices and waiting areas and counseling rooms, actively doing the King’s work.  I am intensely proud of them.  Please pray for them and for all the Chogoria staff who are carrying the day, showing the compassion of Christ to patients who otherwise may feel abandoned.”

To continue reading the Ritchies’ blog, visit for stories and statistics about how God is working. If you’re interested in serving at Chogoria, visit for more information about available ministry opportunities and how you can get involved.

Meet Mondo

Darin and Laura Arnott are missionaries on the American Indian Field. Read their story about a business owner God is using to share His gospel message with Native Americans. Please also pray for Mondo as he seeks God’s wisdom in expanding his ministry.


“Mondo is the owner of Mondo’s Food Spot, located in Sells AZ, on the Tohono O’odham Reservation. He is truly a bright spot in our lives and we enjoy our times spent with him on our frequent trips to Sells. We travel to Sells once or twice a month. While there, Laura visits a young lady in the jail and Darin follows up with a teen boy we met at summer camp. It seems we always end up at the grocery store! This last time we ran into a couple people we know. What a blessing to see familiar faces smiling back at us!

“We are so impressed by Mondo’s story. He faithfully serves his community of Sells through food service. When people come in for a bite of local Tohono O’odham flavor, they also receive a slice of God’s Word. Mondo freely shares the Gospel and his testimony of redemption! Mondo is also in the process of implementing some modern updates to his business, specifically a new roof, new structural support and electricity. We are excited to walk with Mondo and see how God continues to work in and through his life.”

WGM encourages you to spread the gospel however you can at your workplace. Missions work goes beyond the title of “missionary.” We are all called, and WGM can help you spread the good news ( and connect with the Arnotts (Arnotts’ Facebook or Arnotts’ missionary page).

Building the Kingdom in Mexico


“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15b NKJV).

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church…” (Matthew 16:18a NKJV).

Bill and Lydia Allshouse are missionaries in Mexico who concentrate on church-planting ministries. Check out this blog post, which shares highlights from their prayer letter, to read about the great things God is doing in and through their ministry.


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

In the beginning, the church was built on the faith of people like Peter and the apostles who had witnessed Christ’s resurrection and spread the Gospel throughout the region. Today that same mandate continues to build His church here in Mexico. People have sensed His calling to come together and work to extend God’s kingdom. Whether it’s with hammer & nails, concrete, crayons, crafts, hugs or prayers, these kingdom builders have been a witness to the abundant life found in Jesus.”


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


The Trinity team finishing the walls for Pastor Francisco and his family. Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

God’s Cabin
“A vision for a more permanent place for the kids’ club and community outreach in Bella Vista started to take shape with the donation of pallets from two different factories in the area. The Lord then sent two teams to work alongside the people from Transformation Church and the community on the project.


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

“The ‘cabin’ is now complete with concrete floor where kids’ club, adult education, cooking and nutrition classes take place. It’s the beginning of a center that will impact the community for the Kingdom.”


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

Building the Kingdom through evangelism was the passion of the Howardsville Michigan team as they shared the message of Christ’s love through song, drama and clowns. Communities in Valle de Santiago and Morelia were two of the places that were impacted this year.”


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

To learn more about how you can partner with Bill and Lydia, check out their ministry page at To learn how you can serve on the field, visit