A Dream Come True

The passion burned inside her and she knew what she must do. She was going to become a nurse. People needed her, and she knew she had to do something about it. Do you ever feel that dream, that burning passion pulling you to serve others? Read more to learn about how Christine Stanfield, missionary to Uganda, took her passion to be a nurse and not only achieved it but also let God multiply it and mold it into something bigger than she first imagined.

Jeff and Christine Stanfield

Last week I renewed my nursing license. We drove across the city to the office of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council. On the way I reminisced through my childhood dream, my dream of being a nurse one day. I wanted to help people.

June of 1981 my dream became a reality. I graduated from nursing school. November of the same year I received my official registration (RN) from the Oregon State Board of Nursing. Hooray! I worked as a hospital nurse for nine years in Oregon, learning much and helping many people. Through nursing I connected people to Jesus. I loved my work.

Little did I know that ten years later I would become a KRN; a registered nurse in Kenya. My dream multiplied. I was Christine Stanfield, RN, KRN. My avenue for helping people multiplied as well. Oh, how I loved teaching nursing students, in Tenwek School of Nursing, how to help people. My students helped more people than I ever could as just one nurse. They connected many people to Jesus. I loved my work.

Imagine my surprise when 21 years later God invited Jeff and me to join Him in what He is doing in Uganda. We moved to Kampala, the capital city, in 2012. For the first year I observed and I listened. I learned much. Then my dream multiplied again. I went through the process to be registered as a nurse in Uganda. Now I am Christine Stanfield, RN, KRN, URN (Uganda Registered Nurse). I don’t work in a hospital and I don’t teach in a nursing school. I still help the people God brings my way.

Sometimes they come to my door. Sometimes I go to where they are playing sports. Once in a while I give advice on medication dosages or clarify medical reports for people unpracticed in reading the medical language. I teach community health lessons, helping people know how to help themselves and others. I take blood pressures and pray with pregnant women as I hand out a maternity delivery kit, called a Mama Kit. I have many opportunities to give spiritual care, connecting people to Jesus. I help people. I love my work.

At a sports tournament (Photo credit: Christine Stanfield)

I had a dream and God multiplied it. I am a nurse. I help people, connecting them to Jesus. I love my work.

ACT: Take time today to write down or think about some of the dreams God has for you. Then sit in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what you need to do next. Give these dreams to God, and He will multiply them. God is waiting for you to ask Him. Who knows how many people’s lives you will impact if you let Him guide you.

Networking for Sustainable Change

WGM missionaries are working together to promote Community Health Evangelism ministries at the International Wholistic Missions Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. They will be networking with other groups involved in CHE in order to learn more and find out how they can continue to provide for and increase their work with communities around the world.

L-R: Sandy Anderson, Mary Hermiz, Terry Hawk, and Robyn Moore (Photo credit: Joy Phillips)

What Is CHE?

According to the Global CHE Network website, “CHE equips communities to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, sustainable change. Lives and communities are transformed as people come to Christ and work together to address local needs.” CHE strives to connect with each culture on an individual basis. Some programs are church-based, others community-based; some are part of the national government’s health program; some programs are focused on adults, others target children; and some specifically target women.

CHE is different from secular development programs because of this perspective: CHE volunteers view their work as a ministry rather than an occupation. Although CHE has traditionally been used in rural communities, concepts of community empowerment relate to cities as well. “Neighborhood Transformation” is the urban model for CHE.

Rather than focusing on material handouts, CHE wants to enrich the whole person. The approach is participatory and community-driven and can include lessons on economic development, agriculture, leadership, taking care of the environment, biblically-based morals, and social justice—all integrated with spiritual truths.

Partner with CHE

PRAY: Ask God to give those promoting CHE wisdom and strength as they train and mentor and to encourage CHE trainers, committee members, and Community Health Evangelists to put into practice all they have learned. Pray that entire communities will come to know Him and experience Christ-centered community transformation through this process.

SHARE: Download a speaker outline about CHE to share the message of community transformation.

God Provides through the Storm

Story by Shelly McCollum, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance

The following story is all about how God provides through storms and how He specifically provided for WGM in a time of great need.

The economic troubles of 2008 had an impact on WGM’s charitable giving. People were losing their jobs, and although they gave as long and as much as they could, many had to reduce or drop their support of missionaries. Our staff spoke with many donors who were in tears as they shared about their struggles and how they felt bad about having to drop support. At the home office, we were trying to reduce costs and continue to provide support to our missionaries and fields. We were struggling to live within our means and still provide the support our missionaries needed. Then one day we were notified that a long-time donor of WGM had passed away and we were named as a beneficiary. This donor had faithfully supported WGM through the years. Imagine our surprise when we learned we would receive over $1.8 million! We were stunned and completely humbled. She had taken advantage of estate planning, and her ministry lives on even today! Her gift came at exactly the right time. We serve a faithful God who provides what we need when we need it.

PRAY: Whether it’s financial provision, food, shelter, or a safe environment through the challenges of life, God gives us what we need in our lives at the exact time to help us best grow in our relationship with Him. As you pray today, will you remember those around the world serving who are in need of His provision? Will you pray that they will grow in the ways they need to during this time and that when the time is right that they will receive God’s perfect provision?

Lonely Walk

Capvoices.com recently posted a story about the challenges of a believer in Yemen. Read more to learn about how this culture can be very difficult for someone of the Christian faith.

“Life for a believer from a Muslim background can be lonely in war-torn Yemen, especially for a single woman.

“Nadeen, a born and raised Yemeni woman in her late twenties, is not new to the faith. Before a civil war broke out in her country in 2015, she had already accepted Christ.

“A Christian woman she met at university was able to read the Bible and pray with Nadeen once a week. Attending classes gave her an excuse to leave home, but when Nadeen graduated, she no longer had an excuse. Nadeen found it harder to meet the woman to pray and read the Bible. Eventually, Nadeen’s disciple partner left the country—leaving Nadeen alone.

“ ‘After this woman had left my country, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with other believers anymore,’ Nadeen shares.

“Her family was unaware of her faith, and as a single woman in a strict Muslim family, it was difficult for her to leave the house alone.

“ ‘They controlled everything I did,’ Nadeen says. ‘But in my heart, I longed to participate in prayer meetings with other believers and learn more.’ ”

To read the rest of the article visit capvoices.com.

ACT: God reaches people in all cultures and places no matter their circumstances. Will you pray today that countries around the world can be places where it is safe to share faith and have different cultures and beliefs without the fear of persecution or judgement?