2nd Annual My Grown-Up Christmas List

Last year, Heath and Angela Many, missionaries serving in Kenya at Tenwek Hospital, posted a Christmas list on their blog of the greatest needs in Kenya that you could donate to. This year, they decided to make a list again. Is the Lord calling you to get involved in the Manys’ ministry by making a special Christmas donation?


Photo credit: Heath and Angela Many

“Tis the season!  No better day than ‘Giving Tuesday’ to roll out my 2nd annual Grown up Christmas List!  Even though this year we will have the joy of celebrating Christmas in America, our hearts and minds are still with our Kenyan friends and neighbors.  Throughout the past few years, our vision has grown bigger, our passion deeper, and our excitement greater about what God is doing in East Africa through Tenwek Hospital, our PAACS graduates, and our local Kenyan church.

“Although it has been humbling and challenging to live and work in an area of the world with such great need, it has also been rewarding beyond measure.  I know that our blog has been silent since our return to the US this past summer.  We have found it difficult to express in words the ups and downs of living between two ‘homes.’  Returning to the US with fresh eyes has been interesting!  Maybe we will share more in a future post about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this fresh perspective.  But one surprising outcome of our experience so far in serving as ‘missionaries’ is the amazing way that God has allowed us to connect so many people within our circle (and even beyond) to His work in the world.  Ironically, even though we have ‘less’ by the world’s standards now, we have been able to GIVE even MORE…by being conduits of your blessings which have been given so generously.

“We have been continually amazed at how God has used YOU (our community in America) to bless our community in Kenya!  So in this season of giving, we wanted to again highlight some needs near to our hearts.  If you are hoping to make a real difference with your dollars this Christmas season, instead of more online shopping for more ‘stuff’…consider one of our wish-list items!”

To see their entire Christmas list, visit the Manys’ ministry blog. WGM can also help you find other ways to get involved in the ministry at Tenwek Hospital. Click this link to explore and learn about the missionaries, needs, history, and more.




Testimonies of God’s Mercy and Power

Tabitha Ministry is an outreach to Kenyan women who live in the area surrounding Tenwek Hospital. Since missionary Linda Spriegel started a Bible study in her home in 2005 for village women, the ministry has grown to more than 100 Bible studies that meet weekly in the villages. Linda’s latest post on the Tabitha Ministry blog highlights two specific women’s testimonies from the community. Read on to hear these amazing testimonies of God’s mercy and power.


Photo credit: Linda Spriegel

“First, meet ‘Grace the Customer.’  Living alone, she lived for drink, going early in the day to the local brewer’s house to do chores so she could get the corn-based local brew for herself.  Tobacco was her other habit, and it all took a toll on her health.  Last year, sick, and troubled in her home by visits from evil spirits, she cried out to God.  He released her from the spirits’ grip, then appeared to her in a dramatic dream.  She saw heaven and wanted to stay there, but was told she needed to return with messages for her children.  She was healed from that time on, and shortly after, she finally got up the courage to look for a church.  There she heard about Jesus and gave her life to Him.

“She began attending a Tabitha Bible study, and although illiterate, learned the verses to earn her own Bible.  She takes her Bible to others who can read it to her.  She says, ‘His Word is like a bone.  I chew on it until it becomes soft and it enters my heart.  I never went to school.  I ask God to teach me Himself, and He does.’  She loves Galatians 5:1, ‘It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.  Stand firm then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.’  Her neighbor friend attests to the witness she is having in her family and in their community by her changed life and word of testimony.”

If you want to read the rest of the blog post, including a second testimony of the brewer who sold Grace the liquor, visit the Tabitha Ministry blog. WGM can also help you get involved in Tabitha Ministry and the impact it is having in Kenya:

Lessons from Home

Ann Seaney writes in her prayer letter about her experiences being back in the United States on homeland ministry assignment and what God has taught her. She also shares what Bolivia may have for her in the future as she finishes her time here.

Ann Seaney

Ann Seaney is a missionary in Bolivia.

“It was my first time in five years to be driving in a snowstorm. The snow was heavy and falling quickly. The interstate was snow packed and slick. My heart was thumping as I tried to keep my car on the road through limited visibility and at the same time not be intimidated by the vehicles that ‘flew’ by me, seemingly unconcerned with what I viewed as a dangerous situation. During that very long two-hour drive, I was comforted by the truth that God saw me. He knew right where I was! He knew what I needed, and He brought me safely to my destination. How thankful I am for answered prayer and for the truth that God’s eyes are always on me.

“These months of homeland ministry assignment have given me opportunities to see what God is doing in the lives of others. What a joy it was for me to visit with World Gospel Mission retiree Marilyn Van Kuiken, the person who introduced me to WGM. She continues to be a witness for Jesus in Crown Point, Indiana, where she now lives. I was blessed to hear of her continued eagerness for Bible study and her desire to live in a spirit of contentment. I’m so thankful God allowed our paths to cross many years ago and that He continues to keep His eyes on us where we are today. It is also a blessing to see what God is doing in local churches. It was a thrill for me to tag along with my cousin Nancy Deeter on a Wednesday evening to see firsthand the ministry she is involved in as the director of the nursery through the preschool program at First Baptist Church of Geneva. I was especially blessed to see the opportunities they provide for children with special needs. I’m so very thankful that God sees these little ones and is providing for their needs.


Retired WGM missionary Marilyn Van Kuiken.

“Thank you for your prayers for me as I travel and have opportunity to share the cause God has given I am beginning to sense the urgency to return to Bolivia and take up the responsibilities in the treasurer’s office. It is good being with family and friends here, but I am needed to share the load of responsibility and ministry in Bolivia. I’m eager to see what opportunities God has for me to be involved in the church and community.

“Less than 100! That’s the number of days left until I will be applying for my visa to return to Bolivia. That’s not many days, and they will go quickly! Before those days are up, I need to have my support team confirmed. God has supplied the cash I need for the immediate expenses of returning to Bolivia, but I still need individuals who will commit to monthly support, which will cover the expenses for my two-year term in Bolivia. At this time, I lack $450 in monthly support. Would you be willing to partner with me by committing to give monthly? If 15 people will commit to give $30 a month, my goal will be met. Will you be one of the 15? You can donate online at www.wgm.org/seaney.


Ann had the opportunity to help her cousin Nancy at a ministry for children with special needs. Photo Credit: Ann Seaney