Missions at Home


Philip and Debbie Renfroe serve through support ministries in North America. In their latest prayer letter, the Renfroes update us on the nations being reached for God’s glory. Continue reading to find out how God is working and bringing ministries right to their front door!

“With the help of friends, I recently completed two memorial windows for our visitors to see a glimpse of God’s faithfulness to our family. In these days of so much confusion in the world, it is important that we remember what God has done, is doing, and will do if we obey Him. God is our provider, our healer, and our protector!

“Many of our visitors are young Indiana Wesleyan University students whom we welcome to our home each Sunday evening throughout the school year. We hosted students from Korea, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, India, and many other parts of the world. Yes, the world is indeed coming to us!


Photo Credit: Philip and Debbie Renfroe

“These Sunday evening events are times for food, fellowship, and discussion about an important Biblical theme. Using materials from Disciple Nations Alliance, we had lively conversations as we discussed God’s intentions for the church and community.

“Philip is also excited about the people groups represented in his online Public Health classes. Philip has students representing Africa, Asia, and North America. The hours for class preparation, teaching, and grading are long, but God is producing fruit from these efforts. Recently Philip received a thrilling card from one of his former students who now works in China.

“God is opening other doors of ministry. After watching the movie War Room, I discovered a Bible study about prayer that was written by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the directors of War Room. Last January, thirteen ladies came to our home for this eight-week study.

“It was apparent that these ladies wanted to learn how to pray. From January until the end of March, we studied The Battle Plan for Prayer. During this time, I found out from our pastor that our county has the worst child poverty rates in the state of Indiana. Philip came home from another meeting and informed me that Grant County also has the most meth (methamphetamine) drug labs in the state of Indiana, and Indiana has the most meth labs of any place in the United States. Our home county is the meth lab capital of the United States! As one of our Bible study members stated, ‘No person’s mind, no matter how many intelligent minds we have, can solve this problem…only God can!’

“In response, I asked the Bible study members, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we saturated Grant County with prayer and saw God transform this place?’ Since then, someone gave us ten leader’s study kits for the Battle Plan for Prayer. We are asking God for forty groups of praying people to saturate our county with prayer. We now have approximately twenty groups who have either finished this Bible study, now doing it, or are planning to start the Bible study in the next few months. Please join us in praying for twenty more prayer groups. We are praying for a miracle in Grant County, Indiana!”

Renfroe Fam

Photo Credit: Philip and Debbie Renfroe

“Prayer means hope. Prayer means help. Prayer means relief.” (S. Kendrick & A. Kendrick, 2015, p. 19) “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7 NKJV)


Preparation for Successful Missions

This week, a group of missionaries are here at World Gospel Mission headquarters for training and to work together with the support staff. New missionaries and recently returned veteran missionaries gathered together to learn about communicating their ministry, developing their presentations, and creating fundraising strategies.

The goal of the training is straightforward, and the weeklong process is demanding. Vice President of Homeland Ministries Todd Eckhardt stated, “We are preparing the missionaries to advance the cause of the Great Commission in North American churches.”


Staff Writer Rachel Elwood guides Angela Caffrey, missionary to Kenya, through her questions.

What is homeland ministry assignment?

Missionary disciples preparing for ministry and career missionaries returning to the United States after a term of service on the field are given a homeland ministry assignment to help build a support team. This HMA provides the missionaries with opportunities to share their calls to missions and to challenge believers to become actively involved in missions.

Through church services, group meetings, and personal contacts, missionaries on HMA acquire the prayer and financial support they need to get to the field.


Support staff and missionaries chat over lunch.

“This training experience has been very informative in an equipping way. I didn’t realize how much of an impact homeland ministry assignment is and how important it is here and now in the United States.” – Jewel Romdenh, missionary to Cambodia


During a social media session, WGM Mobilizer Jared Gleason fields questions and leads the discussion.

A busy schedule of meetings and conversations makes for a tiring week. Please pray for these WGM missionaries as they strive to be better equipped for the journey ahead and the hurdles they approach on the field. May God guide and direct them as they follow their paths toward a mission of service.

Helping People with Loss at Christmastime

With all its songs of joy and love, family gatherings, and festivities, Christmas can be a very hard time for people going through loss. Dorothy Low is a hospice nurse and missionary on the Tohono O’odham Nation Reservation in Arizona. Through her role in the community, she has the challenge and privilege of walking with families during some very difficult times. Below she shares some of the highlights from the Christmas season:

“For the last several years, we have provided the community with the opportunity to remember family members that have passed by leaving a memory card on a Christmas tree. This has continued to be appreciated and well utilized by community members. People are remembered many years after they have passed. We also leave Carenotes about holiday grief with an invitation for people to take what they can use. Thank you for your support to provide the Carenotes as well as for your prayers for those who are still grieving losses.”

Memory Tree

A memory tree helps people honor lost loved ones. (PC: Dorothy Low)

“Of course, the most important part of the Christmas celebration is to remember the events that happened in Bethlehem. Tradition has been for children’s programs to be presented on Christmas Eve. This was the program at the Sells Presbyterian Church. The adults included several community children that did not know the basics of the Christmas story. Pray that this will open the door for further ministry to these families.”


The Nativity Play at the Sells Presbyterian Church. (PC: Dorothy Low)

“Two different hospice situations stick in my memory from the Christmas season. We are taking care of one family that live in very humble circumstances. Because of your partnership, I was able to take them a food box on Christmas Eve with some things that I thought would make their holiday special. Their comment was that they had forgotten that the next day was Christmas. Pray they will realize their need to deepen their spiritual life in 2016. The other family lost their loved one on Christmas Day. Pray that they will not experience a cloud over future holidays because of this loss.”

“Thank you for your ongoing partnership. You are a blessing to me and to those that I come in contact with.”


Christmas is over, but opportunities to minister to those suffering a loss are still available. Do you know someone who could use some encouragement today? Send them a note, give them a call, take them a meal – do something kind for them.

10 X 10 = $11,651!

Remember the 10×10 Challenge? Our friends on the American Indian Field are THRILLED to report that this campaign brought in over $11,000 to help Native American kids attend camp at the Southwest Indian Ministries Center! Here’s an update of the 2015 camps:
No, we have not lost our calculating minds! Just praising the Lord for you who were part of making this statement true by participating in the American Indian Field’s 10 X 10 campaign to fund the summer camping program. We not only reach but exceeded our goal of $10,000.
Did you realize donating $10 can accomplish one of the following benefits for the campers?
  • Pay for 9 hamburgers or 16 pieces of pizza or 60 servings of mashed potatoes or two full meals
  • Pay swimming pool entrance fees for three trips to the pool for one camper
  • Cover 20% of a campers registration fee
  • Help purchase Bibles for campers who do not have one at home
  • Help purchase supplies for cooking, art, and Bible class activities
  • Help purchase cleaning supplies to make the dorms and classrooms clean and sanitary
  • Help purchase laundry soap to provide clean bedding for campers who come without bedding
  • Help provide air conditioning, water, and electricity to generate comfortable campers
The list describes many of the ways you were involved in ministering with the on-site camping staff to make a difference in the life of each camper. Most of all, your prayers make a difference. Thank you for praying and giving! To show how we, partners serving
together, shared the love of Jesus with our campers, here are a few stats.
  • Teen campers = 63
  • Elementary campers = 90
  • Total campers for the summer = 153
  • First time commitments to Christ = 8
  • Rededicated to Christ = 17
  • Professing Christians = 91 (Many of these accepted Christ during previous camp years.)
  • Bibles presented to campers = 63
  • Volunteers who helped = 44
  • Leaders In Training = 12 (Older campers trained to be leaders with the younger campers.)

10 X 10 Thank You

We are grateful for your participation in the summer camp ministry. God provides as you invest $10 or more in the camping experience for young Native Americans. Thank you and
To God be the Glory!
The SIMC Camp Staff
If you are interested in volunteering to help with the 2016 summer camps, contact World Gospel Mission, PO Box 948, Marion, IN 46952, 765-664-7331 or Southwest Indian Ministries Center, 14202 N 73rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85381, 623-979-6008.