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So much good content is going out on our missionaries’s different ministry blogs. There are many more good blogs than the ones highlighted here, so check them out at These posts focus on praises, requests, ministry updates, and how you can get involved. Are you ready to go make a difference on a work team? Read what God’s doing in the world, and then find a way to join the cause.

Ganeys at Tenwek-


“About a week ago, we celebrated the fourth class of residents to graduate from the Surgical Training Program at Tenwek. It was so exciting to see four very qualified, godly residents finish their training well. What an encouraging highlight in the midst of some very hard weeks. Please keep praying about the doctors’ strike in Kenya. We haven’t seen any movement toward a resolution. The patients are suffering and those still working are growing weary.”

Romdenhs in Cambodia-


“On February 4th, Sophear turned two-years-old and on March 16th, she had surgery to close a hole in her heart. It was a very scary time for us, but we felt so supported! There were people all around the world praying for Sophear and for us! During the days and weeks leading up to and following Sophear’s surgery, we were reminded in a very real way of two important truths: 1) God is a big God and 2) He loves our precious daughter, His precious daughter. I’m reminded of the lyrical line ‘I’m no longer a slave to fear, for I am a child of God!!’ It is with confidence in this truth that I am able to go to Cambodia.”

Adventures in Chaos- Solheims


“I’m not the only parent who has ever had to say goodbye to an only son, but today it sure feels like it. Tonight when I hug Nick goodbye, it will hurt more than any other time before. I know it’s part of being a parent to let your kids go. But what about when you’re the one going? Sending him off somehow seems easier.”

Beyond Rivers- Hidugs


“At the end of this month (December 2016) I will mark 10 years since I left home, Eritrea. Helen will have a few more months to go after me to complete 10 years. We lived most of that period as refugees.”

Life Between the Trees- WGM Compassion

“Linda Spriegel, a WGM missionary in Kenya at Tenwek Hospital, shares in this post about the Tenwek Orphan ministry and some of the challenges they faced this past year. What should the response of the Church be to orphans and impoverished families?  There is more and more discussion on the global front about doing away with orphanages and empowering families to adopt. We’d love to hear your thoughts as you read and process Linda’s story in regard to the care of orphans.”

Hope for a Little One

Mike and Julie Ganey are missionaries serving at Tenwek Hospital and in the surrounding community in Kenya. Did you know that Tenwek is more than just a hospital? Its motto, “We Treat, Jesus Heals,” is one that the staff truly takes to heart. Tenwek is not just a hospital; it is a battleground. God is answering prayers, fighting evil, healing the sick, and changing hearts on a daily basis. Today, thanks to the Ganeys’ latest blog post, you will get a glimpse into a miracle where Dr. Mike Ganey and his team treated and Jesus healed.


Photo credit: Julian Anne Ganey

“A month ago I received an urgent page from the head nurse at Tenwek. A hospital was calling to send us a very sick newborn girl. She was only 2 kg and had been vomiting since she was born three days before. The transfer was arranged emergently.

“On arrival to Tenwek, we found her to be quite ill. Gravely so. We emergently took her to theatre to find what we feared – over half of her small intestine was twisted and black. It needed to be removed. Had it been much more she would not be able to survive without very expensive nutrition through her IV – perhaps indefinitely. Something that doesn’t happen here in subSaharan Africa. Some places can manage short term treatment like that, but not long term. We have been striving to provide such short term treatment for little ones like this and we thought we might be able to do so for her. For a little while…

“So we removed the dying intestine. But she was so sick we were worried she wouldn’t survive. We decided we would bring her back in two days (if she survived) to make sure no further intestine needed to be removed. Just before closing her little abdomen, I reached up with a finger to check her stomach and make sure the drain we placed through her nose was properly positioned inside the stomach to keep it decompressed after surgery. A routine thing. But instead of finding the tube as expected, I found her stomach was mostly dead.

“Two thirds of her stomach was falling apart. I quickly removed the portion that was affected and placed the tube inside the good portion that remained. Then I quickly sewed up the large hole where most of her stomach should have been. We placed a drainage catheter next to the repair and closed up her belly. I didn’t expect her to survive.

“Amazingly she woke up right away after the operation and the anesthetist took out her breathing tube. She was vigorous and breathing well. I didn’t expect that. Newborns don’t usually wake up so well after something like this. So while the team prepared to move her to the nursery, I went to find mom.”

To finish this amazing story, visit the Ganeys’ ministry blog. WGM can help you get involved in this powerful ministry. Visit to find out more about what you can do to make a difference for babies just like Tracy.

A Weekend On Call…

Mike and Julie Ganey are missionaries serving at Tenwek Hospital and in the surrounding community in Kenya. Did you know that Tenwek Hospital is more than just a hospital? Its motto, “We Treat, Jesus Heals,” is one that the staff truly takes to heart. Tenwek is not just a hospital; it is a battleground. God is answering prayers, fighting evil, healing the sick, and changing hearts on a daily basis. Today, thanks to their latest blog post, you will get a glimpse into a weekend on call with Dr. Mike Ganey.

“Things got started Friday night with a one month old boy having seizures in Casualty (the ER). Imaging revealed he had bleeding around his brain – a subdural hematoma for the medically inclined. He was showing signs that the pressure inside his head was building and we needed to remove the blood in order to protect his brain. However, he was bleeding from every poke he had received to place an IV and check some blood tests. It seemed that the cause of the head bleed was some type of bleeding problem. In our area, this was likely to be related to some herbal medicines given at home. But it’s hard to know for sure. No tests to confirm it. We gave some medications that might help for some other possible causes but he was still obviously bleeding. So we decided to do a smaller and potentially inadequate procedure to avoid a larger procedure that might cause him to bleed to death. Right decision or no? We proceeded to drain the blood and left a drain to remove any ongoing bleeding. We brought him back to the nursery and told his mom we needed to pray that his bleeding issue would resolve. We had treated, we needed Jesus to heal him….


“One of our chief residents showing a second year resident how to secure the drain so our little guy would do well after the surgery. Cool to watch the knowledge being passed down.” Photo Credit: Mike Ganey

“The weekend got a bit quiet after that and we continued to monitor and treat our existing patients with few major new patients. The boy struggled but showed small signs of improvement.

“We then had another infant come in to Casualty. This time it was an intestinal blockage causing blood in the stool. We made the diagnosis and proceeded to theatre (the OR). For the fifth time since I’ve arrived, we attempted to resolve this type of problem (intussusception) without operating. Instead we used an air pump to push air into the intestines to fix the problem by pushing one piece of intestine out of the adjacent one which had caused the blockage. We tried several times to get it to work and made progress on the X-ray but it wasn’t completely fixed. We had almost given up and were about to make the decision to operate when one last effort and some prayer led to it getting sorted. I actually jumped up in the air I was so excited. He avoided an operation and we had our third success. This type of thing is done commonly in most of the developed world but we have just begun doing it here at Tenwek. It was a great success. Super fun to see it work.

“Shortly after we finished (at 2am), another patient arrived needing our help. He had been shot in the face with an arrow and wasn’t moving his left side.


“We don’t see as many bow and arrow injuries anymore but this x-ray shows an arrow deep within this man’s face.” Photo Credit: Mike Ganey

“We spent a few hours getting blood available in case we needed to transfuse him during the operation. Then I reviewed the case with the other surgeons in the morning and came up with a plan to remove the arrow. It went well and a visiting cardiothoracic surgeon was a great help in accessing the arrow to remove it. Now we are waiting for him to recover. Like Tenwek’s motto, we had treated, we needed Jesus to heal….

“So I am recovering from lack of sleep and some anxiety over caring for these and other patients this weekend. And I continue to pray that God will be gracious to these souls who need mercy and healing.

“Thank you to all who enable us to be here and be the hands and feet of Jesus to these who need skillful and compassionate assistance. It’s a great privilege.”

Do you want to be the hands and feet of Jesus? Click the link to see multiple ways you can get involved in the ministry. HELP TODAY!

Prayer and Faith in God’s Unseen Work

Mike and Julie Ganey are missionaries who serve at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. In their latest blog post, Julie talks about the expectation of and faith for God to work before we see the results. Read more to hear some encouraging and challenging words from this field in Africa.


Photo Credit: Julie Ganey

“Just recently I was reading the biography of George Mueller to Eden for school.  He was a man who walked by faith by caring for orphans in England and never asked for money from anyone.  He prayed and asked God, who was faithful to provide for hundreds of orphans.  One day, one of the women helping care for the children came to George and said ‘The day has finally come.  The children are lined up for the meal and there is no food.’  George called over his granddaughter.  He wanted her to see how the Lord was going to answer his prayer.  By the time George finished the prayer for the meal, there was a knock on the door, and enough bread and milk for all the children’s meal was delivered.  It was so impressive to me.  It’s one thing to tell what the Lord has done, once he’s done it.  But it’s another thing to call witnesses to watch and see what the Lord will do before we can see it with our natural eyes.  I want that kind of faith.

“So this post has two motives.  First, to ask for prayer.  And the second is to call witnesses to see what the Lord will do.  When we were at Tenwek from ’06-’08, it was an intense two years, lots of good and some really challenging times.  Some even traumatic for me.  I thought after years of being away in the US and having those events far behind me, that I was moving on.  Since returning, though, especially with children, it seems that those events are not behind me.  In fact, I’ve been showing signs of PTSD.  Thankfully, the Lord has brought people to come alongside me and help me.  And God’s provision in this gives me confidence that he is in control of this even when I am not….which is always.

To read the rest of the Ganeys’ blog post, go to


Photo Credit: Julie Ganey