50 Days of Prayer

Benji and Erica Jenkins are missionaries in Papua New Guinea who serve in a variety of ways but have a focus at Christian Union Bible College and with Christian Union Church. This story, told by Benji, focuses on the power of prayer and how God moved in big ways during the 50 days of prayer leading up to a revival.

“In January of 2014, the Christian Union Church of Papua New Guinea celebrated its 50th Anniversary. It was in 1964 that the first missionaries arrived and started planting churches in the Southern Highlands Province. To celebrate this, World Gospel Mission and the Christian Union Church planned a five-day revival. This revival took place in an area called Embi, one of the places the early missionaries had gone into. Although the country has progressed in the last 50 years, Embi is still a very remote location with no electricity or running water and very few permanent houses. Housing and feeding the couple thousand people who would travel in as well as the former missionaries who visited and the guest speaker, Hubert Harriman, required several months of planning.

Erica Jenkins with Papua New Guineans

“Knowing that this was a huge undertaking with lots of room for problems to arise, the missionaries in PNG decided to start a prayer campaign leading up to the revival. The ‘50 Days of Prayer for PNG’ Facebook page was created. Each day for 50 days a different missionary, church leader, ministry, or visitor was highlighted with prayer requests. Many people responded to those daily requests by saying they had prayed or even by reposting the requests on their own Facebook page. There were days when over 1,000 people saw those prayer requests and prayed for the different needs that were listed!

First Generation Believer

“As a result of those prayers, the 50th Anniversary Celebration went on without any major problems. In a developing country, there are always issues with vehicles, trouble getting supplies, and many other things. But when the day came to start, Embi was flooded with people from four different provinces (states). And everyone found a place to sleep and food to eat. Hubert Harriman preached many of the services and his sermons were translated into two different languages so that everyone could understand. Many people came to the altar during each service to seek the Lord. Some of them told how they had gotten saved and some told of being sanctified. There was even a service where the pastors were challenged to grow deeper, and the altar was lined with pastors seeking God’s touch.”

There is no way that any of this could have happened without the enormous prayer support that lasted for 50 days before and during the five-day revival.

ACT: World Gospel Mission can help you find ways to get involved by prayingserving, and donating. Will you join us to impact the world today?

True Colors

Ned and Marlene McGrady are support staff serving in Member Health. They have updated their blog and are sharing great updates, upcoming trips, and ministry opportunities that you can support with prayer. Will you pray for the McGradys as God uses them on the mission field?

“We are coming up on the end of March and it is time for us to travel to Kenya, Africa. We have a wonderful opportunity to share in a five day retreat with nearly 70 missionaries and 45 missionary kids (Mk’s).  We will be joining our retreat speakers, former WGM President, Dr. Hubert Harriman and his lovely wife, Sarah as well as other workers including Mike Banks our Mk Coordinator in what we believe will be an awesome week of refreshment and renewal for our missionaries serving throughout Kenya. We are busy packing lots of goodies to take along to bless our missionaries and Mk’s.  Marlene will be presenting a teaching on True Colors, which is a personality profile learning tool that is interactive and colorful. Missionaries will find out if their color is Orange, Gold, Blue or Green – What’s your color? Marlene is Orange, I am Gold, we both are strong Blue too. Do you want to find out your color? True Colors Personality Test    It will be fun to be at this retreat and we are looking forward to this time so very much. We will be traveling through Detroit and Amsterdam to Nairobi and will spend the next 10 days or so there before returning to Indy. We ask an interest in your prayers as we go to minister. Pray for our travels and that our ministry may be effective in encouraging and supporting our missionaries. We love this ministry of coming alongside of missionaries and we are so thankful for the opportunity to do it. We know that it is only possible because of the support and prayers you give. Thank you.

“Over the past month we spoke in several churches and were able to visit with some of you while we traveled to Michigan, Florida  and Kentucky. We were thrilled to speak at Trinity Wesleyan Church in Jackson, MI, Ranchero Village Chapel, Largo, FL, Wesley Chapel UM Church, W. Melbourne, FL. and Asbury University, WGM Global Cafe’, Wilmore KY.

“It is always a joy for us to connect with our team of supporters as well as to meet new friends. God is working to help raise mission awareness in His church and we are excited about the prospects of reaching more people for Christ in these days. We are always interested in promoting the work of missions and we are happy to connect with you or your church. Just gives us a shout!

“We had a wonderful commissioning service at WGM Marion, on March 16 when we commissioned nine missionaries to full time service. God met with us in a very special way and we sensed His anointing on the service and on these missionaries. WGM is on the move and great things are happening. Our leadership is casting a large vision to double the impact of WGM around the world. We believe that God has uniquely positioned WGM to be a key part of reaching our world for Christ. It is exciting to see the momentum build as we continue to look toward growth and positioning WGM to reach out.

“Well it is time to finish packing and we will soon board the plane. We will think of you and give thanks to God for you as we travel one more time in Jesus’ Name. We would love to hear from you and learn how we can pray for you. May the Lord Bless you and keep you in His care.”

Walking Backwards into the Future

WGM President Hubert Harriman gave his last chapel as president today at WGM headquarters. He spoke about the necessity of change, the power of God, and our need to let go of fear. As Hubert enters retirement on Friday, July 1, his WGM family wishes him well. Join us in praying that as we keep our eyes on God, we will continue to spread the gospel throughout this ever-changing world around us.