Sharing God’s Gift

Minda Kleman is a missionary serving in church ministries in Honduras. She wrote in her latest prayer letter about how the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is a great gift that we get to share as a family of Christ. She talks about this wonderful gift and how it has had a positive influence on two of her former Sunday School students.

“Just recently, God let me hear about His gift at work in the lives of a couple of my former Sunday School girls.

“A few years back Fatima and Gaby were in the middle of those trying pre-adolescent years. Neither of them came from Christian homes, but they were blessed to have a Christian neighbor who brought them to Sunday School. Actually, they came with a whole gang of kids from a very poor neighborhood. Their behavior was a problem. Fatima was the ringleader. They acted out in class and bothered the kids from the church families. To put it mildly, they tried the patience of the whole Sunday School staff.

“Normal class discipline and correction just didn’t seem to help. After times of praying and fasting, the Lord showed us that we needed to change our strategy. So with a couple of other teachers, we began to heap extra love and attention on Fatima and her best friend, Gaby. We got permission during the week to take them out for ice cream and to invite them into our homes. After a few months, we saw some progress. The girls were still naughty with some of the teachers and kids, but at least they were open to getting together and talking about their lives. As they grew up, they settled down a bit. For a while, they visited other churches as they didn’t like their Sunday School teacher, but eventually they returned to our church.

“Just this week Fatima asked if we could get together and chat. She shared with me how both she and Gaby had accepted Jesus as their Savior and how God is changing their lives. They no longer hang out with the gangs in the streets. They have opted to participate in youth activities at church. Even more exciting, was what Fatima shared about how God is giving them the courage to stand up for their faith at their high school. Not long ago they were asked to participate in a very ungodly dance group as part of a school activity. They went and talked with their teacher. They told her about their faith in Jesus and explained that they couldn’t do those kinds of things. The teacher replied, “But no one from your church will know.” That was when Gaby pointed upward and said, “But there is someone else who sees everything we do.” Such a simple yet powerful witness! Their teacher gave in and said she would find another way that they could participate.

“As you partner with me, I trust this blesses your heart as it has mine. There is nothing better than to see others receive God’s gift and grow in Him. Please pray that both of these girls will continue to grow in their faith. As you celebrate Christmas, I pray that you will be filled anew with the peace and joy of knowing Jesus, the very best gift of all!”

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Regional Youth Retreat

A regional youth retreat—the first of its kind—was held in Honduras on November 26. Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel, missionaries serving in community development in Honduras, provided lots of pictures and an amazing praise! Read on to learn what God has done and to see how He is blessing youth ministry in Honduras.

“We are having a regional Youth retreat! This is our first one! God is Awesome! We have 110 youth, praise the Lord!” Tim Spetnagel

Photo credit: Tim and Aleyda Spetnagel


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Missions in Action

Today, we will look at some of our missionary’s photos to see what’s going on around the world as God works in and through WGM and its people to bring glory to His name!


Bill and Beth Ryan‘s Facebook post from Honduras: “Sunday school building progress.”


Holly Muehleisen‘s Facebook post about reading to children in Japan.


Darin and Laura Arnott‘s Facebook post from the American Indian Field: “Teen Weekend Camp went very well with 25 teens attending. The lessons and activities were centered around setting and keeping healthy boundaries in our lives.”


Brady and Alicia Searl‘s Facebook post from Uganda: “Preparing to pass out ‘mommy hospital kits’ to expectant mothers who attend the Jungo Omulise service. The kits help mothers deliver their babies with some of the necessary items that the hospitals do not provide. These kits allow the new babies to have a cleaner, safer environment during their first hours of life. #searlsinuganda”


Robyn Moore Facebook post from Kenya, “This has been a busy and great weekend. Yesterday we celebrated my 35 years in Kenya with a host of friends helping me host over 150 children at my church here in Nairobi for a party. Face painting, nails polished, “football” and other fun. Six different ministries were represented that Least of These has a part in caring for them. I was so very blessed at the testimonies how God has used me to show His love and care for children. Acrobats, singers and dancers shared their love to me. The time ended with cake then gifts for every child, and I told them the gifts were from many of you from around the world. Today I was able to share my testimony of God’s faithfulness in my life for 35 + year in Kenya at my home church, Good Shepherd AGC. To God be the glory, great things He has done!”

This week, send us a photo of you participating in missions work in your community. We want to see how you are making an impact. Please leave details about the specific ministry, and we’ll pray specifically for your cause. Get involved, make a difference, and give God the glory, because we are all called to be missionaries wherever we are.




Divinely Blessed

Steve and Kelly Solheim are missionaries serving in Honduras. They are currently on homeland ministry assignment, which involves visiting churches, camps, and supporters here in the United States. While traveling, the Solheims met a family who shared the story below. Read on to be reminded how God can make an impact through His people.

“In the last few months we’ve met some incredible and inspiring people on our HMA (Home Ministry Assignment) journey. And we’re blessed that so many of them have come alongside us in support of our ministry in Honduras. One of our newest champions recently wrote about her family’s decision to partner with Team Solheim in Honduras.

‘My name is Anna. My husband, Nate, and I live in Buffalo, Wyoming with our three young children. While I stay home with our children, Nate goes to work. He is a truck driver working for a construction company. I pray that this letter will encourage all who read it and will give you some insight into how Steve and Kelly have placed a Godly imprint on my life.

‘From what I have observed, Steve and Kelly deliberately invest their time in becoming acquainted with people. I know that wherever they have been, wherever they go, whatever they do, they are witnessing for Christ. How do I know? The passion that God has placed on their hearts for missions is so great that it radiates from them! Whether they’re in Honduras, in the States, even in our little backwoods church camp, the Solheim’s intense devotion has and will shine into every person’s life they meet!

‘Even though we haven’t really been involved with missions before now, we are excited to go on this adventure with Steve and Kelly. We are thrilled to be a part of this ministry because we know that God will work through it to touch and change the lives and hearts of the young people of Honduras. 

‘The Scripture says in Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” This verse IS the Solheims. They have spiritually encouraged my husband and myself by just being a light for Christ. For this reason, along with the gentle urging from the Holy Spirit, my husband and I chose to become involved in God’s awesome adventure in Honduras by financially supporting them. For by praying and supporting Steve and Kelly, we are helping them to further the Kingdom of God!’

Nate and Anna McKinney serving together at Cadwell Springs Camp in Montana.

“Champions like the McKinney family make a difference in ministry. They don’t just provide the finances we need. Our partners make an impact on our lives and the lives of the people of Honduras. To say that we are honored and humbled by the team with which God is surrounding us is an understatement. We are divinely blessed.”

To read the Solheims’ entire prayer letter, click the link: PRAYER LETTER.