The 6th Love Language: A Request for Prayer

Romdenh'sJewel and Titus Romdenh are missionaries to Cambodia. Their blog shares their successes, wishes, struggles, requests, and praises. Pray for them as they continue to follow God’s calling and will for them for the sake of the Cambodian people. This week they are sharing about a request closer to home that needs your prayers.

“In his popular book The Five Love Languages, Gary Thomas identifies the following five ways to express or communicate love: words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch.  According to Thomas (and we agree), each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved.  From Thomas’ list, my primary and secondary love languages are quality time and words of affirmation; however, I want to suggest a sixth love language – loving my child.

“My love tank is filled as I watch our family, friends, and church community pour love into Sophear.  By investing in and loving Sophear, you are edifying our whole family!

“Sophear is a special girl.  She’s full of joy, full of laughter, full of life, full of energy, and full of love. She’s the sweetest thing and so hilarious!  On Thursday, she turned two-years-old.

“Sophear Jane’s name means Beautiful Gift from God – and she is!  She has been a tremendous blessing in our lives and I’m certain the Lord is going to use her spirit and determination to bless others.  The Lord has called us to His ministry and He has given us Sophear; we’re confident that He has also called her into His ministry in Cambodia, even if only for the time that she is in our home.

“Will you join us in praying for Sophear as she journeys with us?

“Like many other babies, our girl was born with a hole in her heart called a PDA.  Unlike most of those other babies, Sophear’s hole has never closed.  At nine-months-old, her pediatrician told us, ‘If this hole was going to close on its own, it would have by now.’  We were sent to a pediatric cardiologist (Dr. Kumar) at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.  He explained that since Sophear was not having any complications, he wanted to wait until she’s 3+-years-old to do surgery.  Last month, a year after her first appointment, Dr. Kumar discovered that Sophear’s heart is enlarged (due to increased blood flow) and he wants to do surgery now.

“Will you join us in praying for Sophear’s heart?  For Dr. Kumar?  For wisdom as we make decisions regarding her surgery?

“Thank you family and friends for loving our girl, for loving us, for investing in our family and in our ministry.”

He Loves Us- Oh, How He Loves Us!

Rick and Lori Lampen are missionaries in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. When trouble struck two people in their church, faith, grace, and healing took place. Hear the amazing story of how God uses the hard things in life to teach lessons to those going through the suffering as well as to those supporting them from their church community.

MC story 1

Photo Credit: Rick and Lori Lampen

Gerson, an English high school teacher, accompanied students from their Christian school to a retreat. On the trip back to Santa Cruz, their chartered bus swerved to miss a cow meandering across the mountainous road. The driver lost control, and the bus careened off the highway! Gerson suffered the worst injuries and was bounced back around the mountains to Santa Cruz on a hard wooden board in the back of an ambulance.

His family and church friends never left his side. After two weeks in ICU, and then surgery to repair a broken jaw, Gerson was released from the hospital. Within days, the worship leader of the evening church service directed the attention of the congregation to the back left corner where Gerson, still in his neck brace and with his mouth wired shut, stood participating in the song service! What an answer to prayer! Gerson lost nearly 40 pounds—but never wavered in his belief that our loving Father had him in His hands.

Andrea, a newlywed full of life and dreams, fell off the back of a motorcycle taxi on her way to work one warm Santa Cruz day. In God’s providence, as the taxi driver frantically searched for someone to help Andrea, a group of medical students carrying an oxygen tank happened to pass by! An ambulance raced her to the same hospital that Gerson had recently left.

After a delicate five-hour brain surgery, the surgeons only gave Andrea a 10 percent chance of survival. Thirteen days on a respirator in ICU and many prayers later, Andrea was sent to a stepdown unit. Her husband, Daniel, a self-employed entrepreneur, stayed by her side through the long days and worked through the nights on his computer, maintaining his business. One of the most difficult aspects of the situation was the fact that Andrea experienced memory loss—even commenting after seeing their wedding picture, “Your wife is pretty—but that’s not me!” The entire family joined Daniel and Andrea to celebrate Christmas in the hospital. One month and one week later, Daniel took Andrea to his father’s house where family members helped him care for her. They would find her humming the praise and worship songs from church. She is considered the Christmas miracle patient!

MC story 2

Photo Credit: Rick and Lori Lampen

Pray for Andrea who continues to receive physical therapy each day and needs treatment to the right eye where the optic nerve was damaged in the accident. Her memory is improving, and although she cannot remember Daniel’s name, she now knows he is her husband. Their prayer is to fulfill the plan God has for their life!

Andrea returned to church last week for an emotional celebration of God’s faithfulness to us. Once again she brought us to tears as she slowly walked—albeit with help—to deposit her offering at the altar, especially since we knew that the previous Sunday, she had not even been able walk! How Daniel contained his joy as he played the keyboard and watched his beautiful bride sneak him a sweet wave, accompanied bythat million dollar smile, was unforgettable.

Where Was God’s Goodness Today?

Jade Metz posted this week about a little boy and the struggles that his family has gone through. Read more to see what God is doing through the Metz family and for the people of Uganda.

“Last night at Bible study our friend challenged us to reflect on God’s goodness in times of pain and suffering. I thought about his challenge on and off all day today on one of the hardest days I’ve had in ministry.

“With a trunk full of nutritious food and smiles on our faces we arrived at our dear friend Jennifer’s house. We anticipated another routine visit with playing, giggling, talking and praying. When we arrived we found the oldest son (12 years old) in severe pain. For over 10 days he had been suffering with a horrible leg injury. His foot was doubled in size with infection and his shin bone was exposed. His mother had no phone to call for help. She did not have financial capabilities to get her son medical treatment. We found her wandering around the village asking neighbors for help. ‘No one had a single coin to offer. This community is very poor. So they have been praying. Perhaps God answered their prayers through you all coming today’, her pastor said.”

Hurt foot

Photo Credit: Jade Metz

 Where was God’s goodness today?

“I saw His goodness in the young boy offering his momma a piece of his well-deserved banana bread. God is shepherding his heart well. I saw God’s goodness through financial provision for all his medical needs today. He is a sovereign God. I saw God’s goodness in my son Ezra who drew the most heart-felt get well soon card. That boy, our son, is special. I saw God’s goodness in Sophie’s tears. God has given her a compassionate heart. I saw God’s goodness in the gift of good medical treatment— antibiotics, x-ray machines, surgeons and nurses. He is a merciful God.

“The young boy’s mom was given a bed next to him so that she could be by his side as he recovers. Last night she began crying in pain. Today after receiving medical treatment we found out she has been suffering from several infections. We realized it wasn’t until she was in a safe place that her body was able to cry out, ‘I am sick!’ Sometimes just the possibility of health shines a light on deep, hidden sickness. These last few days with this precious family, seeing the depth of their suffering, have changed me in a profound way.

Ugandan Boy

Photo Credit: Jade Metz

“I went for a jog to clear my head and as I reflected of this family’s life—all the pain and poverty and suffering that they endure on a daily basis—it made me weep. I could not control it. Being the ‘glass half full’ girl that I am I kept saying to myself, ‘Jade, keep your chin up.’ But then I softly heard Jesus say, ‘No, you can keep your head down. Just stay here grieving for them. With them. I am down here too.'”

Where was God’s goodness today?

“Thank you for all for the comments, private messages and love you have offered us these last few days. It’s a privilege to serve Jesus here! This sweet boy will have skin graph surgery tomorrow or Tuesday depending on when his wound heals. Thanks for praying!”