Inroads in Albania

Nathan and Cydil Waggoner
Albania is literally in the DNA of the Waggoner family, having adopted their children Ellie and Reni from that country. Now, Nathan and Cydil are preparing to return, this time to work with a community in building a church. Check out their story below.

“There is a fear and mistrust that is almost built into the culture, but at the same time there’s a real openness and hospitality…As we learn the language and seek to learn the culture even more, we are excited about the inroads that we feel God is opening for us to work with this forgotten people in Eastern Europe. ”


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Church in Uganda, with a side of chicken

The Volunteers in Action program sends out volunteers aged 18 – 29 for six weeks to a year to mission fields around the world for immersive missions experiences.

Jean Komline, who blogs at Jean’s Joyful Journey, ended up being a the proud owner of a chicken when the church she was attending one Sunday in Uganda was raising funds for a new roof. Here’s an excerpt of the story, and you can check out the whole post here.

“I didn’t know what to do with the chicken. I know I love them…but I had actually never picked one up before. One of the missionary kids grabbed ahold of its wings for me and handed it over. I didn’t want to keep it, as I don’t have a home for it or the means to care for it. So it was decided to give it to the jaja (grandmother) sitting behind me. She was quite surprised and very grateful. She kept saying “webale nyo” over and over again. The pastor told me later about how she is so faithful walking ever-so-slowly to church each week with her grandchildren. And so, that is my story of how I once owned a chicken for 1 hour.”


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