Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ned and Marlene McGrady are WGM‘s directors of Member Health. Their latest Christmas post from their ministry blog highlights some of their travels and opportunities to lift up our missionaries around the world. Read on to hear what’s happening and how WGM can help you get involved.

“We bring you Christmas greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus our Immanuel, God is with us. As we share this Christmas letter with you, we pray that the Christ of Christmas will bless you with every good and perfect gift.”


“We have been reflecting on this year of travel in ministry with World Gospel Mission,and we are amazed at all the wonderful opportunities our partnership in ministry has allowed us to do together in reaching out to our world in Jesus’ Name. You have been apart of this awesome ministry, and God has worked through your prayers and financial giving.

“This year, God has allowed us to minister in eight countries and nine states as we ministered and encouraged missionaries to 10 mission fields where WGM is sharing the life-changing message of hope in Jesus Christ. We have visited Paraguay, the Texas- Mexico Border, the American Indian Field, Kenya, and The Center in Stockton,California, Albania, Hungary, Ukraine, Uganda, and Peru. We held retreats, preached,taught, counseled, encouraged, prayed, and shared the hope of Jesus with folks around the world. God has certainly enlarged our ministry, and we thank you for being our encouragement as we have traveled tens of thousands of miles in ministry.


“During our recent ministry visit to Europe,we were inspired by the picture here at St.Matthew’s Cathedral in Budapest, Hungary, that depicts the Lion and the Lamb. The Lion of Judah is roaring with power, fighting our battles, and at the same time He is the Lamb of God that was slain for the sins of the world. He is our Lamb whose shed blood breaks the chains that sin holds on us.

“What a wonderful blessing for us to realize that the Lion and the Lamb is our strength and defender this Holy Season.

“We were able to carry that message of hope and encouragement this year as we ministered to missionaries around the world, and we are grateful to carry this message of hope to you, our champions. The Lion of Judah is fighting for you, too. He cares about all that you are going through. We trust you will reach out to the Lamb that cares enough to provide salvation, full and free.”

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The “Messy Middle”


The constant reminders of things to be done and restoration to come was all around this Christmas season in Kenya. The Many family felt that the season reminded them that there was not just the miracle of Christ’s birth, but also the calling for His plans to be completed. Here’s some of Heath and Angela’s recent holiday experience from their blog:

“We have just celebrated our second Christmas season in Kenya. It has truly been filled with such joy! But amid the joyful celebrations and rewarding service opportunities, we are surrounded here by constant reminders that we still live in the “messy middle.” This term, “messy middle,” has been used by different people in different ways, sometimes to describe the timeframe between the starting and completion of a goal. But here, I mean the time between the arrival of Christ in human form as the promised redeemer of mankind…and His anticipated return to restore harmony, true PEACE, to His creation.”

So, yes, we celebrate Christmas with deeply grateful hearts…as this miraculous coming of Christ to earth gives us hope and promise of things made right and new…and we also longingly yearn for His rule as the true Prince of Peace. This promise gives us true JOY and HOPE even in the midst of pain and suffering. So we strive to LOVE as He taught us…seek PEACE where we can…DEFEND those with no defender…and build God’s kingdom here on earth until He comes to complete the task.

THANK YOU to all who gave toward my “Grown up Christmas list” and to those who give to our ministry year-round. You enabled us to love well this Christmas, and you blessed our community with your gifts. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some pics that describe our Christmas:”

kids gifts

The children were so excited to have their new clothes!


The kids participate in telling the Christmas story.


Each kid got a bag with an orange, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, pen, pencil, and lollipop inside.


The children were very excited about the oranges because fruit is not served often


Singing Christmas carols in the hospital

“Truly He taught us to love one another; His law is LOVE and His gospel is PEACE.  Chains shall he break, for the slave is our brother, and in His name all oppression shall cease.  Sweet hymns of JOY in grateful chorus raise we; Let all within us PRAISE His holy name.  Christ is the Lord!  O praise His name forever!  His power and glory evermore proclaim!”           ~O Holy Night, verse 3


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