Starting a New Chapter

Titus and Jewel Romdenh are missionaries on homeland ministry assignment working to raise funds to go to Cambodia. Recently, Jewel posted on Facebook about a big life change that many missionaries go through. Read on to find out how they are learning to lean even more on God’s provision.

“Five years ago, I started a new chapter of my life working at Indiana Wesleyan University. Nearly fresh out of college, I was invited to interview for a position that I was neither mature enough nor professional enough to handle. The Lord helped the search committee see something that wasn’t even there. I was hired to replace a woman who was moving with her husband to serve as a missionary in Ghana, Africa. I believed this was God telling me that the job was mine for a time until it was our turn to go [to Cambodia]. By God’s grace I learned, stretched, developed.

“Three weeks ago, Titus and I stepped out in faith and I submitted my resignation. A resignation to the place that has supported my family for five years. The institution has supported my family with a paycheck, but the people have supported my family with so much more. As Administrative Assistant to the Doctorate in Organization Leadership program, God allowed me to serve my faculty and students only to find that many of my students and faculty invested more in me than I could have invested in them. In many ways, my colleagues became my family as I shared with them stories and in exchange they grew to care for my family – offering prayers, gifts, encouragement, and love.

“My time at Indiana Wesleyan University has been marked by personal and professional learning and growth and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to have been a member of the SBL, DOL, and SSL teams. I am going to Cambodia a better person because of the contributions that have been made to my personal and spiritual development while at IWU.

“Tomorrow is my last day at IWU. Starting Monday morning, I will be a full-time missionary – raising awareness for the Great Commission and raising support for our ministry in Cambodia.”

This is a big change for the Romdenhs. Will you take some time today to pray for them in this time of transition and increased dependence on God’s leading in their lives? If you are feeling the Holy Spirit’s nudging, will you also consider giving to their ministry to help them finish raising their funds so they can go to Cambodia?

New Year’s Race to Double Gifts

Titus and Jewel Romdenh need your help to take advantage of a time-sensitive opportunity to raise funds for their ministry. In recognition of a special Cambodian holiday, Khmer New Year, a donor has promised to match all new financial gifts that Titus and Jewel receive April 14–30!

Cambodian people jump in bags to play game during the 3days Villages Festival at Prek Thloeng villages, outskirt of Phnom Penh on April 6, 2014. Village Festival is a Cambodian old way of celebrating festival by villager at pagoda to welcome the Khmer New Year from April 14 to 16 and praying for the happiness and luck for their villages.

“Cambodian people jump in bags to play game during the 3 days Villages Festival at Prek Thloeng villages, outskirt of Phnom Penh on April 6, 2014. Village Festival is a Cambodian old way of celebrating festival by villager at pagoda to welcome the Khmer New Year from April 14 to 16 and praying for the happiness and luck for their villages.”

“Visit to make a monthly commitment or give a one-time gift. Every dollar up to $2,500 will be matched! Would you consider supporting our ministry to bring Hope, Life, and Good News to the Cambodian people?


Cambodian people play another game during the 3 days Villages Festival.

“Pledging is a commitment that a supporter makes to give a certain amount of money to our ministry on a regular basis. Some of you are already giving — thank you for being obedient to the call God has laid on your hearts to be a part of our ministry!! If you are interested in becoming a financial partner, here are the easiest ways to join our team:

1. Go to and fill out the form for a recurring donation.
2. Request a prayer card from us, fill out the detachable post card, and mail it back to World Gospel Mission.

“You can start your donations today, or you can indicate when you would like to begin your contributions. Since our goal is to be back in Cambodia by March 2017, you could pledge today to begin your regular support at the beginning of the New Year. Regardless of when you can begin your financial support, or how large or small your pledge is, the pledge is a blessing! We cannot return to Cambodia until 100% of our monthly support is pledged.

“If you have any questions, call us, text us, Facebook us, or e-mail us at”


The 6th Love Language: A Request for Prayer

Romdenh'sJewel and Titus Romdenh are missionaries to Cambodia. Their blog shares their successes, wishes, struggles, requests, and praises. Pray for them as they continue to follow God’s calling and will for them for the sake of the Cambodian people. This week they are sharing about a request closer to home that needs your prayers.

“In his popular book The Five Love Languages, Gary Thomas identifies the following five ways to express or communicate love: words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch.  According to Thomas (and we agree), each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved.  From Thomas’ list, my primary and secondary love languages are quality time and words of affirmation; however, I want to suggest a sixth love language – loving my child.

“My love tank is filled as I watch our family, friends, and church community pour love into Sophear.  By investing in and loving Sophear, you are edifying our whole family!

“Sophear is a special girl.  She’s full of joy, full of laughter, full of life, full of energy, and full of love. She’s the sweetest thing and so hilarious!  On Thursday, she turned two-years-old.

“Sophear Jane’s name means Beautiful Gift from God – and she is!  She has been a tremendous blessing in our lives and I’m certain the Lord is going to use her spirit and determination to bless others.  The Lord has called us to His ministry and He has given us Sophear; we’re confident that He has also called her into His ministry in Cambodia, even if only for the time that she is in our home.

“Will you join us in praying for Sophear as she journeys with us?

“Like many other babies, our girl was born with a hole in her heart called a PDA.  Unlike most of those other babies, Sophear’s hole has never closed.  At nine-months-old, her pediatrician told us, ‘If this hole was going to close on its own, it would have by now.’  We were sent to a pediatric cardiologist (Dr. Kumar) at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.  He explained that since Sophear was not having any complications, he wanted to wait until she’s 3+-years-old to do surgery.  Last month, a year after her first appointment, Dr. Kumar discovered that Sophear’s heart is enlarged (due to increased blood flow) and he wants to do surgery now.

“Will you join us in praying for Sophear’s heart?  For Dr. Kumar?  For wisdom as we make decisions regarding her surgery?

“Thank you family and friends for loving our girl, for loving us, for investing in our family and in our ministry.”