Discover Your Calling Trips: Q & A

I (Micah Metz, social media and events coordinator) recently sat down with Jared Gleason (director of Mobilization) to ask him some questions about the upcoming Discover Your Calling trips to Mexico and Uganda in July. I tried to ask questions that I thought would give you added confidence as you consider your part on these teams and calm any hidden fears you may have about being stranded on safari surrounded by lions (FYI: these are not hunting trips, so you really don’t need to worry about this).

Photo credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

How does funding work for these trips? Do I need to raise money?
Each team member will be given a budget amount that will include all costs for your trip. Usually, team members send letters to family, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances, inviting them to participate in cross-cultural missions with them. You can also speak to groups (church, small group, etc.) or do fundraisers with local companies and restaurants.

Who are the missionaries I’ll be working with and what are their ministries?

The Mexico team will work alongside Bill and Lydia Allshouse. Bill and Lydia have served in Mexico for many years and are excited to host teams, especially groups looking to explore how God can use them in missions. The Allshouses are involved in biblical education, pastoral and leadership development, and community transformation ministries.

John and Beth Muehlheisen will host the Uganda team. John and Beth are involved in many ministries, including leadership development, Community Health Empowerment, and business management.

Both the Mexico and Uganda teams will be exposed to several different types of ministries. The goal is to have you experience many ways you can serve in missions.

How big are the teams?
We are looking to have 10 people on each team.

Are the areas I’m going to be in safe?
Safety is a priority for the missionaries who will be hosting these teams. They know their specific areas very well and are in communication with local authorities and the U.S. consulates in their region. Although we do not anticipate any problems, our missionaries will do all that they can to keep team members safe.

What kind of projects will I get to be involved in? What does a normal day look like?
For these teams, our desire is to have you experience several different types of ministries—children/youth, community transformation, education, etc.—to give you an idea of the diversity of missions. The teams will visit these ministries during the day and then spend time in the evenings talking about the different ministries and exploring how team members can use their gifts and skills in missions. Team members will also have a cultural experience.

What other things should I know before I go?
Our team at WGM headquarters is excellent at taking care of teams and working out all of the logistics. We do our best to make your experience as smooth as possible, allowing God to work in and through you in ways you may not expect. Be prepared to be challenged to expand your worldview and to see how you can be a part of what God is doing around the world!

Who is leading the teams?
Both team leaders are members of our Mobilization Team at WGM. Victoria Herring, our executive assistant, is leading the team to Mexico. Kristina Gleason, our volunteer coordinator, will be leading the team to Uganda. They are excited to come alongside their team members to help them see their roles in missions.

Building the Kingdom in Mexico


“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15b NKJV).

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church…” (Matthew 16:18a NKJV).

Bill and Lydia Allshouse are missionaries in Mexico who concentrate on church-planting ministries. Check out this blog post, which shares highlights from their prayer letter, to read about the great things God is doing in and through their ministry.


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

In the beginning, the church was built on the faith of people like Peter and the apostles who had witnessed Christ’s resurrection and spread the Gospel throughout the region. Today that same mandate continues to build His church here in Mexico. People have sensed His calling to come together and work to extend God’s kingdom. Whether it’s with hammer & nails, concrete, crayons, crafts, hugs or prayers, these kingdom builders have been a witness to the abundant life found in Jesus.”


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


The Trinity team finishing the walls for Pastor Francisco and his family. Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

God’s Cabin
“A vision for a more permanent place for the kids’ club and community outreach in Bella Vista started to take shape with the donation of pallets from two different factories in the area. The Lord then sent two teams to work alongside the people from Transformation Church and the community on the project.


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

“The ‘cabin’ is now complete with concrete floor where kids’ club, adult education, cooking and nutrition classes take place. It’s the beginning of a center that will impact the community for the Kingdom.”


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

Building the Kingdom through evangelism was the passion of the Howardsville Michigan team as they shared the message of Christ’s love through song, drama and clowns. Communities in Valle de Santiago and Morelia were two of the places that were impacted this year.”


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse


Photo Credit: Bill and Lydia Allshouse

To learn more about how you can partner with Bill and Lydia, check out their ministry page at To learn how you can serve on the field, visit

CMS: Preparing to Make Disciples

This week, missionaries were here at World Gospel Mission headquarters for CMS (Champion Migration Strategy) Workshop. Read more to learn about some of the ways support staff came alongside the missionaries to help prepare them to recruit prayer warriors, financial supporters, and work teams to partner with their ministries.

On Monday, the time came for our 2016 MK Camp for all 8 to 18 year olds. The camp was held at Ouabache State Park near Bluffton, Indiana, while the parents were in CMS training. The theme was “Carpe Aeternitatem: why settle for just a day!” Although meals and activity times were together, camp staff ran separate tracks for the older and younger campers during the meeting times.


Dr. Dan Schafer prays over the circle of campers by name before they leave for their Missionary Kid Camp for all 8 to 18 year olds.

During CMS, new and veteran missionaries gathered together to learn how to speak about their ministry fields and create support strategies to better understand how to get champions during their homeland ministry assignment (HMA). One important emphasis WGM focuses on is that no one can do ministry alone. Two of our Homeland Ministries support staff, Paula Crist and Jim Smith, did a terrific job teaching the sessions.

What is HMA?

Missionary disciples preparing for ministry and career missionaries returning to the United States after a term of service on the field are given a homeland ministry assignment to help build a support team. This time of HMA provides the missionaries with opportunities to share their calls to missions and to challenge believers to become actively involved in missions. Through church services, group meetings, and personal contacts, missionaries on HMA acquire the prayer and financial support they need to get to the field.

Pictured below from left to right: Dana, Hope, and Dan Jacobs (Kenya), Shelley Chapman (Nigeria), Bill and Lydia Allshouse (Mexico), and Becka Johnson (Papua New Guinea).


Becka’s husband, Jim, was helping another missionary by working on her car so was unable to speak during chapel. Also not pictured are two missionaries who will be serving in sensitive areas.

A busy schedule of meetings, conversations, and chapel speaking made for a tiring week. Please pray for these WGM missionaries as they strive to be better equipped for the journey ahead and the hurdles they will approach on the field. May God guide and direct them as they follow the paths toward the Great Commission that He has placed on their hearts.