Farming God’s Way – Planting Seeds

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Andy and Stephanie Abrams are missionary disciples to Kenya. Andy uses agriculture to help families provide for themselves with the ultimate goal of building relationships that will lead to sharing the gospel and making disciples. In their recent blog post, Andy speaks about his training in a program called “Farming God’s Way.”


“‘Farming God’s Way’ especially targets helping the poorest farmers break the yoke of poverty. In Kenya, and all across Africa, farmers make up around 80% of the population. However, farmers here aren’t respected for their profession as they are viewed as being at the bottom of the ‘ladder.’ They suffer from low self esteem and little hope that anything will ever change. Youth are abandoning farms and the rural area in droves to the bigger cities in hope of finding a better life. Now farmers are turning to relief agencies for handouts, and are becoming accustomed to a life of dependency. This ‘aid’ while well-intentioned, leaves farmers with little motivation to work to try and change things.


“I wanted to attend this training because for me, coming from a large scale farming background in Iowa, to the very small scale farming in Kenya, comes with a lot of challenges. How can I use my experience working with farmers who farm an average of 800 acres, help farmers who only have an average of 2 acres? This training proved to be just what I needed to be able to make that transition.”


Read the whole story on Andy and Stephanie Abrams’ blog. Will you join them as they try to get the attitude of the next generation of farmers back in the right direction? Pray for motivation, guidance, and provision for these farmers who are learning to farm God’s way. Will you also pray for Andy and Stephanie Abrams as they take on the difficult burden of helping those who feel as if they have nothing to offer? Pray that Andy and Stephanie will have the ability to encourage, teach, grow, and build friendships that last for eternity.


God’s Perfect Timing

Andy and Stephanie Abrams are missionaries to Kenya. Their story of transition has been one filled with God blessings and perfect planning. Read on to hear what Stephanie wrote on their blog about their experiences in the past six months.

“It’s hard to believe that the last time we posted was about waiting on God’s perfect timing. Now we have been in Kenya for six months. How time flies! A lot has happened in the last six months as we adjust to living in a new culture and thousands of miles away from all that is familiar. There have been so many incredible days and there have been some incredibly hard days. Here is a recap of some of those times….

“Leaving Iowa: It’s hard to put into words the joy, excitement, heartache, uncertainty, and sadness of leaving our family, friends, and all that we knew for an unknown place. We had never been to Africa, let alone Kenya, and our children had never left the US before, or flown on an airplane for that matter. We dealt wabramsith airsickness, the airline running out of food, pure exhaustion, and a real questioning of what in the world did we get ourselves into. But, in all of those moments where it felt like too much, and we felt the longing of wanting to turn around and return to what was known, God was so faithful in giving us just enough strength to keep going. I wouldn’t say it was an overabundance of strength, but it was just the amount we needed to keep persevering. It was in those moments we truly felt His presence and knew we were on the right path.

“Arriving in Kenya: I don’t really remember a lot of the first week here…jet lag is not a friend of mine! 🙂 But for the first three weeks we lived in Nakuru while we got our bearings. It was, and still can be at times, overwhelming learning how to even shop in a new culture and foreign land. Then you add four children that are overwhelmed, overstimulated, and tired and it gets pretty interesting. Again, we were able to see God’s grace and provision in action.

“Language school: We next spent three months in language school studying Kiswahili. It was a hard, frustrating, and joy-filled experience. We absolutely loved our teachers and fellow students at Shade Language and Culture School and miss them all still to this day. We loved the large compound we lived on, and our children had so many friends. It was so nice to be able to let them roam and explore, knowing they were within a fenced area. Andy and I, along with Aubrey, attended class five days a week. Our minds were continually stretched as we strived to learn a new language. Kiswahili is not an easy language, but I think that can be said for any language that is not your mother tongue. We are nowhere near being fluent, but we can understand a fair amount and speak some. We came not knowing any Kiswahili, and I can now say that I enjoy listening to this beautiful language even if I don’t understand everything that is being said. 🙂

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“Settling in: We are finally settled into our own home. I can’t tell you how wonderful this is! We moved into our place five months, almost to the day, of arriving in Kenya. We have a beautiful compound and live in one of the older neighborhoods of Nakuru. Andy is in the process of figuring out how he can best help with agriculture. We both really feel a burden for the AGC (Africa Gospel Church) missionaries and hope to be an encouragement to them and support them as best we can. They are on the front line here and serving just as cross-culturally as we are. Please join us in praying for these amazing men and women of God that have a burden to see all of Kenya reached for Christ.

What we have learned: That the God who called us to Kenya is faithful! There were times while we were still in the States that felt like we would never arrive, and now there are times that are very discouraging and we wonder what He has in store for our family. But we can confidently say that we serve a living, amazing, faithful, gracious, and awesome God! This is not about us and what we can accomplish, but about how He has chosen to use us. We truly want to bring Him glory in all that we do. We are His instruments and long to be used however He can use us best.

Thank you for joining us on this journey! We pray that you are encouraged as God uses the ordinary for His extraordinary purposes. May we continue to be His hands and feet wherever He has us.”