Your Prayers Can Shake the Earth

The year is 1967, and under Communism in Albania, all mosques and churches are closed and all religious observances are prohibited. For the next 34 years, private religious practice will not be allowed, and the first Albanian Bible will not be printed until 1994. Can you imagine growing up in such an environment and not knowing the joy of Christ?

Today, 70 percent of Albanians are Muslims and less than 1 percent are evangelical Christians. WGM is on the front lines in Albania, reaching Albanians for Christ. WGM can help you get involved in reaching this culture. Visit for more information.

Prayercast is an organization that specializes in video, photography, and other mediums to bring attention to the need for prayer around the world. Watch this video by Prayercast and join thousands of others in praying for the country of Albania today. Do not settle for quick prayers, but get down on your knees and lift up the country of Albania to the Lord in a way that will shake the earth and bring about a great change! Together we can change the world!

“If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our bodies. If they will perish, let them perish with our arms about their knees. Let no one go there unwarned and unprayed for.”  – Charles H. Spurgeon

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An Unexpected Journey

Len and Betsy Phillips are missionaries who have served in Honduras; Bolivia; and Norcross, Georgia. Recently, God has guided them to a new ministry. They shared in a past ministry blog post entitled “Praying for Clear Vision” about how God was directing them in a new way and asked specifically for prayer in making a decision. God answered prayer, and Len and Betsy share this praise and an update in their latest ministry blog post. Check it out and learn about the #Sunshine God provided through prayer supporters.

“Not long ago we asked for your prayers for clear vision and direction. Thank you for praying! Your prayers, and ours, have been answered. God is leading us to Albania!

“Jesus has provided an exciting opportunity for us to serve at the GDQ International Christian School in Tirana, Albania. Len will put his almost-completed Masters of Education to use through administrative duties as Middle School/High School Principal. Betsy will step into teaching Middle School Bible classes and will also coordinate Lower School Chapels.

“GDQ was founded in the fall of 1993 to support the efforts of the evangelical Protestant missionary community in Albania by providing a Christ-centered, academically enriching international education. Currently, about 75% of the student body are the children of missionaries serving in Albania and the remainder represent expatriates involved in the international business sector. Students and staff represent more than fifteen different mission sending organizations and come from Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. The vision of the school is to instill in students a God-honoring Christian worldview so they might have maximum influence for the glory of God in and through their lives.”

Photography for a Good Cause

Nathan and Cydil Waggoner are missionaries serving in church ministries in Albania. Cydil is also a talented photographer. Recently, one of her photos was featured in a Christianity Today article! We are proud of Nathan and Cydil for their hard work to present the gospel to those in Albania and for Cydil’s professionalism in photography. It is a great example of how God can use our gifts to tell about a ministry or cause.

Nathan shared from their ministry Facebook wall: “Surprised and honored to see one of Cydil’s photographs featured in Christianity Today! For the last two years, Cydil has photographed the children of the Jonathan Center so they can produce a calendar for fundraising. The Jonathan Center is helping to reshape the culture’s view on Down Syndrome by showing the love of Christ to these special kids and their families!”

Photo credit: Cydil Waggoner

You can learn more about what the Waggoners are doing in Albania on their ministry blog. Also, here is the link to the Christianity Today article.

Have Lunch with the Waggoners

Nathan and Cydil Waggoner serve in Albania with their kiddos, Ellie and Reni, who are preparing to go back to school. While many of us in the U.S. have been “back to school” for a few weeks, public schools in Albania don’t get underway until mid-September and universities don’t begin until October! The Waggoner family will get an early start tackling homeschool activities along with ministry.


Balancing family, school, and ministry can be a challenge for any missionary family. The Waggoners, recognizing their busy schedule, are calling in backup support teams with a lunchtime challenge.

In their words…

Some of my favorite memories from my university days involved sharing life with friends around the tables of the cafeteria. During school, lunch break was a time to refuel both physically and socially.

“Probably everyone has shared that fear of having to sit alone in the cafeteria. I personally found that fellowship with whoever ‘saved me a seat’ was more valuable than my food.

“Here’s where you come in! Will you ‘save us a seat’ at lunch?”

Due to the time zone difference, the Waggoners’ evening ministry activities occur around lunchtime for most of us in the States. Consider picking one lunch a week during which time you will pray for the Waggoner family and the activities they are involved in that day.

Nathan and Cydil are providing a printable calendar with specific prayer requests for each day. All you have to do is let them know what day they are “invited” to lunch. You can confirm your reservation with them by sending an email via