Tenwek Hospital: out with the old, in with the new

Article published by Mission Network News (www.mnnonline.org)

Kenya (MNN) — To put the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” into practice can feel so good sometimes. Take this story from Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, for example.


Photo courtesy of Angela Many

Angela Many of World Gospel Mission and her husband have been serving at Tenwek since 2014. But Many has had a longer history with the hospital, which is a joint effort of World Gospel Mission and Africa Gospel Church. She says one of the most basic tools for the maternity department has been severely lacking for far too long.

“The birthing beds have been a need for many years. I actually did a rotation when I was a medical student in 2000 and the same birthing beds were being used then, and they looked old at that time. I think they’ve been in use for over 30 years.”

With time, she explains, the beds had regressed into “terrible” condition. And, there were only three of them — this for a hospital that oversees over 3,000 births a year.

“These beds were metal, they were rusted, they were broken. None of them had foot plates any longer.”

Old birthing bed. (Capture courtesy of Deab Cowles of Tenwek Hospital via Vimeo)

So when Many first stepped into the maternity ward in 2014, her heart sank. There were the exact same beds she saw several years earlier — all in one room, with only curtains between them.

“It just felt so cold, and old, and uncomfortable. So this project has been in the mind and heart of those of us who work in the maternity department for many years.”

Recently, God provided. Beds were donated from hospitals in the United States, and the old beds in Kenya are gone. So far, Tenwek has received three of the eight beds.

“They were met with great joy. There was a dedication ceremony as they were wheeled in. And there was singing and praying over them. Our vision, of course, is to have our Kenyan mamas who come into the hospital to have their babies to be able to be comfortable and have dignity with their delivery.”

There is still a lot of improvement that can happen in the maternity department. Many says they’d like to renovate so there is more privacy in the delivery area. They also want to be able to expand the project.

To read this entire article, visit Mission Network News. To learn how WGM can help you get involved, visit wgm.org/tenwek-hospital.

Power of Prayer

Video by Nathan Waggoner, missionary to Albania.

The power of prayer is emphasized throughout Scripture, and you’ve probably experienced it firsthand. At WGM, we’re highlighting the Luke 10:2 Challenge.

“He told them, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field’” (Luke 10:2 NIV).

There is no question that God is at work in our world, drawing men, women, and children to Himself. He is restoring the broken, reconciling relationships, transforming hearts and minds, and saving souls. But He is also asking us—all of us who claim Him as Lord and Savior—to join Him in this wonderful work.

ACT: Will you take the Luke 10:2 Challenge? Set an alarm or notification on your phone or calendar to remind you to pray at 10:02—a.m. or p.m., whichever fits your schedule best—for God to send more workers from around the world into His harvest field. Remember, the “mission field” isn’t just far-off places; it’s wherever people are who need to hear about the love of Jesus Christ.

A Farming Technique Changing Lives in Africa

The impact of real, physical change in community production can be life changing. In this story by Mission Network News (MNN.org), missionary to Uganda John Muehleisen speaks about how Farming God’s Way is being used by the Lord to change lives.

“Africa (MNN) — Over the many years mankind has been farming, we’ve developed a number of technologies and practices to improve crop yield. We’ve even stepped into genetic engineering to get bigger, fuller, disease-resistant plants. But one ministry is finding that despite all these efforts, modified farming techniques can’t hold a candle to the way God designed the growth of plants in our world.

“John Muehleisen is a missionary with World Gospel Mission, a ministry serving in a variety of Great Commission capacities all over the world. Muehleisen himself works with multiple ministries in the area of transformational training. He’s stationed in Uganda.

“He says, ‘We work with churches and Christian groups and try to help them have more effective ministries in their communities. “Farming God’s Way” is one of the tools we have adopted and it’s a lot of fun and quite effective.’”

“‘Farming God’s Way’ began in Zimbabwe with a farmer named Brian. His crop was failing and finally, he cried out to God for help. Muehleisen says Brian felt like God had been waiting to share something with him for quite some time. God asked Brian to consider farming His way.”

Read the rest of the story at MNN.org and find out how so many lives have been impacted by this new farming method.

ACT: Want to join WGM in God’s work in Uganda? Praying always makes a difference. You can also donate to the project, learn more, or go to Uganda to get involved in the work in person.