Missionary Podcasts

Welcome to Podcast Round-up! Click the audio players below to hear stories from missionaries all over the world. (Organized by field of service)


Nathan and Cydil Waggoner

American Indian Field

Jon and Lindsey Birkey

Billie Sue Dunn 

Laura Lea Sims 


Don and Glenda Moon


Rachel Kerney 

David Kerney 

Len Phillips 

Betsy Phillips 

Kurt and Cynthia Zimmerman 


Ethan Baschelet 

Heidi Buell 

Gary and Laura Griffin 

Sarah Larson 

Laurie Potter

Steve and Kelly Solheim 

Homeland Staff

Frank and Sharon Martin 


Meg and Gabor Dul


Stephen Burgert 

Alene Burgert 

Mike and Pam Chupp 

Margaret Farnsworth 

Part 2: Fear 

Dan and Dana Jacobs

Robyn Moore 

Bob and Andrea Parker 

Barbara Pinkley 

Jim and Martha Ritchie 

Carol Spears 

John and Linda Spriegel 

Jim and Alice Vanderhoof


Holly Muehleisen 


Bill and Lydia Allshouse 

Mark and Serena Dunbar 

Chrissy Greenwell 

Texas/Mexico Border Ministries

Gerson and Betsy Tejeda 

Jorge and Laura Vaca 

Papua New Guinea

Benji and Erica Jenkins


Mark and Bev Donahue 

Larry and Sharon Carr


Billy and Joanna Coppedge

Billy Coppedge interview EMQ- http://emqonline.libsyn.com/emq-013

Josh and Kelly Hallahan 

Ken and Delight Hopson 

Jeff and Christine Stanfield

Justin and Debby Williams 


Bill and Oksana Brower 

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