Missionary Blogs

Want to get a glimpse into the daily life of a missionary? Check out these blogs and Facebook Pages from around the world.


Nathan and Cydil Waggoner Blog and Facebook


Brad and Kristy Weinert Blog and Facebook


Len and Betsy Phillips Blog


Titus and Jewel Romdenh Blog

Czec Republic

Kirby and Whitney McMunn Blog


Steve and Kelly Solheim Blog

Larry and Angie Overholt Blog


Viktor and Kristen Rózsa Facebook


Andy and Stephanie Abrams Blog and Facebook

Steve and Alene Burgert Blog

Angela Caffrey Blog

Dan and Heather Galat Blog

April Hershberger Blog

Mike and Julie Ganey Blog

Eli and Krista Horn Blog

Bill and Joy Draper Irwin Blog

Dan and Dana Jacobs Blog

Heath and Angela Many Blog

Dylan and Jessica Nugent Blog and Facebook

Pete and Angela Olsen Blog

Bob and Andrea Parker Blog

Clark and Valerie Sleeth Blog and Facebook

John and Linda Spriegel Blog

Jim and Martha Ritchie Facebook and Blog

Steve and Theresa Manchester Facebook


Shelley Chapman Blog and Twitter


Andy and Lizet Bowen Facebook

South Sudan

Adhandom and Helen Hidug Blog


Lisette Lewis Blog and Facebook

Josh and Kelly Hallahan Blog

Nathan and Jade Metz Blog and Twitter

Jeff and Christine Stanfield Blog

Brady and Alicia Searl Facebook

Justin and Debby Williams Blog and Facebook

United Kingdom

Billy and Joanna Coppedge Blog

United States

Michael and Kay Johnson, Philadelphia Blog

Bob and Lisa Margaron, Stockton, CA Blog and Facebook

Jon and Lindsay Birkey Facebook and Camp FB

Emily Henry Blog  and FB

Joy Phillips Blog


WGM Compassion Blog and FB

Ned and Marlene McGrady, WGM Member Health Blog

Men With Vision Blog

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