About World Gospel Mission

Serving God in holiness and righteousness, World Gospel Mission connects in ministry with churches worldwide to make disciples of Jesus Christ among all nations.

In 1910, two missionary couples to China found themselves dissatisfied with the direction of their mission board. They wanted to emphasize entire sanctification – if Christ has truly saved us from death in sin, then the Holy Spirit lives in us and empowers us to live in freedom from sin. These two missionary couples wanted this message of freedom in Jesus Christ to be at the forefront of their evangelistic efforts.

So, the National Association for the Promotion of Holiness took them on, eventually forming the National Holiness Missionary Society, which later became World Gospel Mission.

Unwieldy names aside, the message of complete freedom in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit has resonated in every place that WGM has ministered in. Sure, missions looks different everywhere. In fact, some people would say that there’s a different method of evangelism for each person in the world. Missions outreach in rural Uganda looks different than post-Communist Hungary. But the message is the same. It’s all about Jesus!

Missions has also changed a lot over the last 100 years. Today, World Gospel Mission disciples believers to become missions-active Christians. As an interdenominational missionary organization, WGM partners with individuals, small groups, college groups, and churches to intentionally address the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities.

Doctrinal Statement

Fields of Service



(765) 664-7331

3783 East State Road 18

Marion, Indiana 46952-0948

One thought on “About World Gospel Mission

  1. keijo leppioja says:

    Hello from sweden with joy to be here and saying my meaning with love and care and be along with gospel to spread and saving with healing and in outpouring of the Holy Spirit around the world in alot the missionary people to running and winning,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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