Laying Ground Work


Do you remember the excitement of Christmas morning when you were a child? That kind of anticipation should be part of our Christian walk and everyday lives when it comes to the work Christ can do. Andy and Lizet Bowen, missionaries in Paraguay, recently posted on their ministry page something we are anticipating as a WGM family.

“At Silvio Pettirossi International Airport picking up new Men With Vision director Jim Smith. He’s come to lay some ground work for MWV’S 2018 annual project which is the construction of a house where missionary families will live while they’re studying Guarani. Watch this space for details of how you can be involved!”


Photo credit: Bowen Ministry page

God is at work, and you can be part of that work! You may be asking yourself: what is Men With Vision? Praying, practicing, and promoting missions—that’s what Men With Vision is all about! But don’t let the name mislead you; men and women of all ages can be involved.

MWV offers a pathway to increase the ability of Christians to take the gospel around the world. Through meeting together for fellowship and prayer, MWV members take advantage of service opportunities that impact their local communities and the world for Christ.

Being part of MWV can enrich your walk with Christ in many ways. Through community projects, ministry teams, an annual project, emergency support, and relationships, MWV serves WGM missionaries and ministries around the world.

ACT: If you would like to learn more or get involved in Men With Vision, visit

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