25 Years in Uganda


WGM Uganda is celebrating 25 years! Missionary Jeff Stanfield recently talked to Mission Network News about the celebration in this latest Mission Central blog.

“Uganda (MNN) – Twenty-five years ago, the first World Gospel Mission (WGM) missionaries arrived in Uganda to start a church planting and discipleship outreach. WGM has a long and rich history in Africa. They helped establish the Africa Gospel Church in Kenya back in the 1930’s. This is one of the largest evangelical denominations in Kenya. So, this 25th anniversary in its neighboring country is another poignant reminder of how God has blessed the ministry.

Jeff Stanfield of World Gospel Mission says, “That plays a part of what we’re celebrating this year, is how God has brought us thus far and safely and it’s been through faith, through difficulties, struggles– but yet, he’s got a bigger plan for us, and we’re grateful.

“But we want to just recognize that in this celebration this year as a church and as a mission to celebrate what God has done, and even looking forward to what he wants to do through the church and through WGM.”

Go to mnnonline.org to read more:


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