Busy but Thankful!

Traveling hundreds of miles; preaching and speaking at different venues; visiting family, friends, and ministry partners; getting training; and building new relationships are just some of the many things missionaries tackle while on homeland ministry assignment (HMA). Andy and Stephanie Abrams, missionaries to Kenya, give an update on their ministry and share how God is working to do awesome things while they are in the USA.

“It seems that we have been caught up in a whirlwind since our last update; so much has happened in such a short amount of time.

“In May we had the privilege of hosting our first team of college students from Ohio Christian University for two weeks. We may be a bit biased, but this team was an amazing group of people! Each of them were so willing to try new things, give impromptu speeches, travel throughout Kenya, and lavish love on our children. To say our family was blessed would be an understatement. This team was a vision team, so we traveled throughout Kenya to different WGM ministries. They were a blessing everywhere they went! It was a true joy to watch them interact with each ministry and see God work through them.



The vision team from Ohio with our GCM boys and staff. Photo credit: Andy and Stephanie Abrams

“As June came around, it was time to start packing up our home and saying some difficult goodbyes. Kenya has truly become home to our family, and although we were excited to be heading to the States for a time, it was hard to say goodbye to our friends and family in Kenya. We were given several very special farewells from the AGC Mission Centre, GCM, our local church, and the WGM Nakuru station. We mentioned in our last update that there were changes in store for our ministry in Kenya. Well the biggest one will be our location once we return. We won’t be going back to Nakuru (at least to live), so saying goodbye to a place that is home and where all of our closest friends live was difficult. But God in His ever faithfulness was so good in giving us special times with each place that is near to our hearts.


Our farewell at the AGC Mission Staging Centre. Photo credit: Andy and Stephanie Abrams

“So where are we going when we return to Kenya? We plan to move to Olderkesi Development Project, our remote AGC mission station in the Maasai bush. Andy will still be working in agriculture and community development, finding ways to make Olderkesi more self-sustaining. I will most likely be taking over the running of the guesthouse that we have there, as well as continuing homeschooling our four children. Our entire family, especially our children, are looking forward to living out there. It is a place that feels like home and a perfect fit for our rural-inclined family. That is a brief glimpse of what we are feeling God is calling our family back to.”

To read the rest of the Abrams’ update, go to Abram Family Update. (http://mailchi.mp/07eb37d6834c/abrams-update)

ACT: Pray for the Abrams’ ministry and family, using these prayer points:

  • Pray for peace for Kenya during and after this election period.
  • Lift up our Kenyan colleagues who are spreading God’s love.
  • Pray for the current drought issues.
  • Ask that God will use our family to bring encouragement and be a light while in the U.S.

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