“Thousands of Lives and Counting”


How many times have you gone to do something and realized you didn’t have the proper tools? Now imagine having traveled overseas as a young doctor with very little experience and with basic supplies, trying to do complex surgeries. This is how it was for the first doctor at Tenwek Hospital. Thanks to God’s provision over the years Tenwek is now a 300-bed hospital and training center where complex surgeries are performed almost every day.

Dr. Dan Schafer, president of World Gospel Mission, had this to say about the recent photo on USAid.gov’s website-

“A picture is worth a thousand words … and sometimes represents the impact on thousands of lives and counting!

“This photo of several members of our WGM family standing outside the Tenwek Orthopedic Ward was copied from the home page of the United States Agency of International Development (US AID) – American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) website (https://www.usaid.gov/work-usaid/business-funding/grant-programs/american-schools-and-hospitals-abroad).  There you will find this picture titled “World Gospel Mission Success Story” (the title ASHA put on the photo) with the caption, “Organizational Strengthening at Tenwek Hospital.”  This picture is one of 5 photos currently scrolling on ASHA’s website’s home page banner.

“ASHA had provided funding for the expansion of the Orthopedic Ward.  ASHA also highlighted Tenwek Hospital’s OB department as a success story at ASHA’s annual conference in 2015, and most recently, ASHA provided funding for Tenwek’s new Eye and Dental building.  ASHA has repeatedly funded projects at Tenwek because of their confidence that Tenwek will provide a high impact return on their investment.

“Tenwek is a great witness for Christ – both to the officials at ASHA and to all those who have benefited from services provided by the Tenwek doctors, nurses, and staff!  The WGM missionaries and all the other faithful members of the Tenwek family are truly transforming the lives of individuals, their communities, and the whole nation of Kenya for Christ!”

ACT: God does miracles every day just as He did through a few willing nurses and one doctor in the early days of Tenwek Hospital. Pray today and ask how God can use you to build something amazing for His glory!

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