Why a Nursing School in Choluteca?

Miracles happen every day. Whether big or small, they all can be overlooked if we’re not looking for them. Missionary Tim Spetnagel asked himself the question “Why a nursing school in Choluteca?” at the same time a young woman Gilma was looking for a miracle. (Source: The Evangelical Advocate, Churches of Christ and Christian Union)


Photo credit: Larry Overholt

“That was my first thought back in November 2015 when we met with our missionary team. As we were discussing the vision and direction of the school, I thought it sounded good. But was I just going along with this idea because Aleyda was going to be director of this school? I knew Aleyda studied education with an emphasis in administration. We have a lot of ministry going on in Choluteca, but do we need another project? Then the Holy Spirit started to speak to me about why we need a nursing school.

“This type of institution does not exist here, so I knew it was going to be a very long process. After a year of hard work on the part of many individuals we started the nursing school in February 2017. God has blessed us with 16 wonderful students including 14 young ladies and two young men. The vision statement for the school is to have healthier Hondurans. To do this, we strive to create a high-quality professional technical nursing program with qualified teachers and a modern academic campus with all the necessary resources to give out students every opportunity to succeed.

“Our students come from many regions of Honduras, and one of the young ladies comes from the Choluteca region. Her name is Gilma Mercedes Moncada and this is her testimony: “The nursing school is for me and my family a miracle of God. I remember the announcement we heard on the radio. My family made two visits to the facility, but we did not have the resources for my admission. It was on the last visit I made with my mother when we felt that God had a purpose for my life. Now I am fulfilling my dream of being a nurse because I have a full scholarship that the institute has given me through a sponsor.”

“The mission of the nursing school is to provide quality education and give opportunity to a young person like Gilma who wants to make a difference in her culture. We need your help to purchase the property for this school. We have received $25,000 toward the purchase, but must raise another $80,000 by September. Please pray that God will meet this need.”

ACT: Pray that God would provide the rest of the money for the nursing school that is a miracle to so many students. Donate here to help other students like Gilma find their life’s purpose at the Choluteca School of Nursing.

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