Our Freedoms Are Not Worldwide

This July 4, praise God for our freedoms and remember to pray for those who do not have these freedoms. Read more to learn about Aelen’s story of persecution and how choosing to follow Jesus came with great oppression.

Laos: Homeless

By The Voice of the Martyrs


Photo credit: The Voice of the Martyrs

“ ’Aelen’ woke up one night to the sounds of someone burning her house down. Thankfully, she was able to grab her baby son and escape. Unfortunately, it was one of many hardships she’d been forced to face since deciding to leave her tribe’s traditional religion and follow Jesus instead.

“Many in her village, including her family, perceived the change in her religious beliefs as an offence to their culture.  Many Laotians believe Christianity is an American religion. When someone in the community becomes a Christian, the community worries that the spirits they worship will be offended, and that the community might also suffer ill-effects as a result.

“Though she escaped the attempted arson of her home, Aelen’s problems weren’t yet over. A little while later, she visited her sister in another city for a while. When she came home, she found that her father and brother had moved into her home and were claiming it as their own.”

To finish the article visit http://www.persecution.com

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