We Obey, He Heals

Life does not come without its challenges. There are difficulties with language barriers, cultural differences, personality differences, family and emotional strains and needs, and so much more. Despite all this, God chooses to work through broken people and in broken places for His glory. This is what missions is all about—God speaking through those like Dylan and Jessica Nugent and their family and so many others who can only do their work through the power of Christ.


Photo credit: Nugent ministry

“Some Sundays I just don’t feel like going to church. I think we all feel that way some weeks. A few Sundays ago our whole family woke up late, debated about whether to go or not, and we didn’t get up the hill to our church gathering until about 25 minutes after the service started. By that time it was standing room only (not a friendly thing for my aching, pregnant self). I was really considering heading home but I prayed for perseverance knowing that God blesses obedient hearts and can bring fruit out of my small faith. I can testify that God was gracious to us that morning.


Dr. Ernie Steury back in the early days of Tenwek Hospital

“Since the early days of Tenwek Hospital and then the arrival of the first long term physician in the 1950’s, the name of Jesus has been proclaimed as healer – both of those who are physically broken and of those who are spiritually broken. Alongside the growth of the hospital was the growth of a denomination of churches called the Africa Gospel Church (AGC). Both of these entities have grown and matured over the decades thanks to the Lord’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of countless people serving the name of Jesus in this part of Kenya. Decades of growth haven’t erased the challenges, and never will, so life here still carries many difficulties as cultures come together to lead and guide a vision of Christ-centered compassionate healthcare and church growth. However, despite the fascinating paradox of glorious growth and dismal failures God still miraculously works through the broken vessels of people who bear his name and his kingdom advances.”

To read the rest of this story, visit the Nugents’ ministry blog at dylannugentkenya.wordpress.com.

ACT: How is God using your trials, brokenness, and challenges to spread the gospel? We want to hear from you! Write in the comments below or message us. God is doing something in your life as well as in Africa, and those stories have the same thread—a Savior who loves us despite our shortcomings.

One thought on “We Obey, He Heals

  1. Kenneth Idoga says:

    I just read the articles and am encourage to go into mission. Though I just graduated from Kairos training, l hope to use the knowledge in impacting a group of people in my neighborhood.

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