Teaming Up to Make a Difference in Philadelphia

By Michael Johnson, WGM missionary with Out of Nazareth (PA)

What happens when God’s passionate people in Philadelphia and Men With Vision meet? Miriam Medical Clinics gains momentum. With this momentum, Miriam will open a second site of service by August/September 2017. Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church has provided the space to broaden the outreach and increase the impact through healthcare in Christ’s name. World Gospel Mission’ s MWV program in Marion, Indiana, has agreed to provide the professional volunteer construction expertise and work alongside our other partners—the Travis Manyon Foundation, Via Laulima Architects, and Equal Access Legal Services.


Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church—our next-door neighbor

To date, we have over 1,700 patient visits with dental, podiatric, and medical care provided. We provide counseling for in-depth medication reviews and follow up, cigarette cessation, screening for behavioral illnesses, and primary healthcare for citizens returning from prison and halfway houses. In educating the community in healthcare literacy, we are conducting a series of community health clinical conferences and Sunday health moments at our supporting churches. Two successful fundraising banquets have also raised support and awareness of the work of Miriam. There is growing awareness of our presence and purpose, and that’s what happens when vision meets passion meets action.


(L-R) Michael Johnson, Patricia Imms Pitts, Phil Herring, Kay Johnson, Dr. Neil Pitts, and Bill Bucher

Our Creator God has allowed us to serve Him together in ways we could have never imagined. Daily our lives are being transformed as are the lives of people around us. Jesus has made His love felt in this community. We thank Him for bringing you alongside of us in these multiple venues, ministries, callings, and years. We know what happens when. We can now ask: what happens next?


Preliminary layout for new clinic

MORE: To learn what’s happening next at Miriam Medical Clinics, read Michael and Kay Johnson’s newsletter here. As for MWV, Program Coordinator Bill Bucher is planning the next project—roofing houses in Haiti that were damaged by Hurricane Matthew last year. Listen to Bill as he shares about MWV’s future plans.


The roof and building in need of repair in Haiti


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