“Jesus Loves Muslims”

Check out this prayer resource from Prayercast.com. As we pray for Muslims during this month of Ramadan, we must find ways to dive into the why, the what, and the how in order to better understand our differences and their culture. This resource includes backgrounds of religion, insights from the Bible, and stories from real people. We are called to love all people, and in order to do that and pray, we must first understand.


Photo credit: Prayercast.com

Want to get involved in praying for Ramadan? Here’s how you can make an impact:

  1. SIGN UP to receive daily prayer reminders by email or text.
  2. PRAY for the featured topic sent to you each day.
  3. INVITE at least one other person to join you.

Jesus loves and died for each of the 1.6 billion Muslims in our world. Want to be a part of reaching them? It’s not too late to take the Ramadan Challenge!

Together, let’s watch and pray that Muslims around the world will encounter Jesus!

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