This week at the Impact Conference

Impact is the name of this year’s field directors’ retreat at World Gospel Mission. Unlike past years, this year’s conference was planned by some of the missionaries themselves. This week, support staff as well as field leaders are attending the morning Impact sessions in order to better strategize and communicate to double WGM’s impact in the world for Christ.

Field director and co-planner of the event Joy Phillips posted, “I was excited to show Adhanom WGM’s Headquarters today on his first visit to the U.S. He’s standing under the South Sudan flag as our hearts hurt for this country and the war that continues inside its borders.” Missions is so much more than just numbers; it’s about people and understanding the hurts of those in need.


Photo credit: Joy Philips


Photo credit: Joy Phillips

Vice President of Mobilization and Communications John Rinehimer posted “Great kick off of week 2 of Impact 2017! — at Indiana Wesleyan University.”


Photo credit: John Rinehimer

On the first day of this week’s sessions, we started with worship and have had TED-style talks on  passing the baton, making sure we understand how to join and invite multiple cultures into the mission, and the importance of and how to approach doubling our impact for the sake of Christ’s name around the globe. Throughout the week, we will be having many more morning sessions, and we are excited to see what God is going to do through these trainings and discussions.

ACT: We can’t do it without your help. Will you join us in prayer? May God show us the path to take and how we can work with each other and the nations to better impact the world.

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