Looking Over the Wall

A little missionary girl in Honduras walks up to a wall dividing her family’s property from a monastery. She climbs up a ladder to see what all the chanting is about and a monk spots her. Read what happens next in this latest Mission Central blog post.

Monthly excerpt from The Best of the Story
By Burnis Bushong, Retiree

 “But they had heard only, That he which persecuted us in times past now preacheth the faith which once he destroyed. And they glorified God in me.” Galatians 1:23-24

The WGM ministry in Honduras was started by missionaries working with the California Yearly Meeting of Friends. The first congregation was established in Tegucigalpa next door to a Catholic monastery. As was the custom in Central America, the house bordered the street with no front yard. The entire property was isolated from neighbors by high adobe walls. Frequently, the missionary family heard the young monks as they worshiped on the other side of the wall.

Little Dorothy Cammack, daughter of the founder of the work, was curious. She thought to herself, “I wonder what goes on in that big building? What does their patio look like?” A patio was a big back yard and frequently the center of household activities. Dorothy became so curious, in fact, that she placed a ladder against the wall, climbed to the top, and cautiously peered down into the neighbors’ patio. It was inevitable that, after several attempts to see what was happening next door, one of the young monks spotted her peeping over the wall. Soon a friendship developed. There were several visits together at the top of the wall, and the conversation quite often included their Christian beliefs.

The young priest, Rafael, finished his studies and soon became second in the local Catholic hierarchy, next to the bishop himself. In this position, he wrote many articles condemning the Protestants. He was transferred to Panama. While riding on a train, he talked extensively with an evangelical missionary. This led to his conversion, and like the apostle Paul, his life turned around. He became an evangelical evangelist.

Rafael returned to the WGM chapel in Tegucigalpa as an evangelist. In one of his messages, he related how he first heard the gospel message from the little missionary girl who preached to him over the wall.

ACT: Make sure your children or grandchildren are seeing Christian beliefs modeled and taught. You never know how God will use His little ones.

2 thoughts on “Looking Over the Wall

  1. Jim Vollmer says:

    I read this out loud to my wife and completely broke down upon reading the last line. This old man loves to pray through WGM emails.


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