Frankly Speaking: “The God Who Sees Me!”

#GoGrowChange #Sunshine

Retired missionary pastors Frank and Sharon Martin are still sharing their wonderful wisdom and encouragement. In this post from Frank’s series called “Frankly Speaking,” he shares how God is waiting on us and how we can meet Him where He is. I highly encourage you to read this post and be open to a new way of thinking about how you pray and share in your relationship with God.

“As you know, Moses was herding sheep when he saw the burning bush! He said, ‘I must turn aside now and see this marvelous sight, why the bush is not burned up.’ Here’s what I want you to see and hold on to—God was already there before Moses got there!

“So why is this important? Too many times we hope and pray that God will ‘show up’ in our situation or problem! But my friends, if I’m understanding scriptures correctly, He’s already there! He’s already way out in front of us! He’s waiting for us to ‘catch up’ to Him! Can you see this?

“But there’s a critical issue that we overlook—we must turn aside from what we are doing to ‘see Him!’ What Moses was doing wasn’t ‘bad’ work! It was honorable work. It was hard work. It was time consuming work! Does this sound like where you are?

“Yet in the midst of our work, we have to ‘stop’ once in a while, to see the ‘bush that is burning but not consumed!’ God wants us to meet Him there, in our work place, in our home, in our car, in our garden, on our lawn tractor, taking our walk, in our classroom, and on and on it goes. He wants to meet us!

“Oops!  He wants ‘us’ to meet Him! WAIT! Let me rewrite that sentence—God wants us to meet Him there, in ‘His’ work place, in ‘His’ home, in ‘His’ car, in ‘His’ garden, on ‘His’ lawn tractor, taking ‘His’ walk, in ‘His’ classroom, etc. Hmm. Makes a difference doesn’t it? He’s waiting for us to just notice Him.

“Author Henry Blackaby in his book, Experiencing God, makes an excellent point when he says, ‘Look around and see where God is working. Then go join Him!’ Notice the two things he said—(1) Look around and see where God is…and (2) Go join Him!

“When’s the last time you stopped long enough to ‘look around you’ to see where God was standing and working? When was the last time you stepped aside from what you were doing and then went to join Him, where He was?

“Oh, do it friends! It will change your life! It did mine!”

ACT: Take time—even if just a few minutes—from your busy schedule and talk to God. Then listen, because as Frank said, He is there and has been waiting for you.

MORE: For more devotional content, visit WGM’s Pinterest board: WGMPins.

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