God Provides through the Storm

Story by Shelly McCollum, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Finance

The following story is all about how God provides through storms and how He specifically provided for WGM in a time of great need.

The economic troubles of 2008 had an impact on WGM’s charitable giving. People were losing their jobs, and although they gave as long and as much as they could, many had to reduce or drop their support of missionaries. Our staff spoke with many donors who were in tears as they shared about their struggles and how they felt bad about having to drop support. At the home office, we were trying to reduce costs and continue to provide support to our missionaries and fields. We were struggling to live within our means and still provide the support our missionaries needed. Then one day we were notified that a long-time donor of WGM had passed away and we were named as a beneficiary. This donor had faithfully supported WGM through the years. Imagine our surprise when we learned we would receive over $1.8 million! We were stunned and completely humbled. She had taken advantage of estate planning, and her ministry lives on even today! Her gift came at exactly the right time. We serve a faithful God who provides what we need when we need it.

PRAY: Whether it’s financial provision, food, shelter, or a safe environment through the challenges of life, God gives us what we need in our lives at the exact time to help us best grow in our relationship with Him. As you pray today, will you remember those around the world serving who are in need of His provision? Will you pray that they will grow in the ways they need to during this time and that when the time is right that they will receive God’s perfect provision?

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