Lonely Walk

Capvoices.com recently posted a story about the challenges of a believer in Yemen. Read more to learn about how this culture can be very difficult for someone of the Christian faith.

“Life for a believer from a Muslim background can be lonely in war-torn Yemen, especially for a single woman.

“Nadeen, a born and raised Yemeni woman in her late twenties, is not new to the faith. Before a civil war broke out in her country in 2015, she had already accepted Christ.

“A Christian woman she met at university was able to read the Bible and pray with Nadeen once a week. Attending classes gave her an excuse to leave home, but when Nadeen graduated, she no longer had an excuse. Nadeen found it harder to meet the woman to pray and read the Bible. Eventually, Nadeen’s disciple partner left the country—leaving Nadeen alone.

“ ‘After this woman had left my country, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet with other believers anymore,’ Nadeen shares.

“Her family was unaware of her faith, and as a single woman in a strict Muslim family, it was difficult for her to leave the house alone.

“ ‘They controlled everything I did,’ Nadeen says. ‘But in my heart, I longed to participate in prayer meetings with other believers and learn more.’ ”

To read the rest of the article visit capvoices.com.

ACT: God reaches people in all cultures and places no matter their circumstances. Will you pray today that countries around the world can be places where it is safe to share faith and have different cultures and beliefs without the fear of persecution or judgement?

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