“We Are Called To Africa”

The Best of the Story: Miraculous Answers to Prayer by Burnis Bushong tells so many stories of answered prayer in WGM’s history. Here’s another awesome example of God moving in unique ways to answer prayer.

A Chicago traffic cop pulled alongside a Model T Ford on Michigan Boulevard to give a curt word to four collegians: “Either drive faster or get off the boulevard!” Four students of Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky, had put down the top of their car to see the sights of the big city, but sightseeing was incidental to their venture of faith. They had driven to Chicago to meet the World Gospel Mission Board of Directors in its 1927 session. Their plea before the board was, “We are called to Africa. Will the mission board consider sending us to Africa?”

The treasurer frankly stated that the China Field, which was the only field, was not adequately supported and funds were low. However, Mrs. Beatrice C. Beezley, “Mother of WGM Prayer Bands,” had a word of faith in her response: “It is not how much money we have, but is it God’s will for us to open work in Africa?”

Rev. C. W. Ruth, president of the board, suggested prayer. Each one prayed fervently for clear guidance. As the quartet of young men left the room, Rev. Woodford Taylor of the China Field put his arm around Robert Smith and reassured him, “Don’t be discouraged. I believe God is in this. Hold steady and He will get you to Africa.”

The next morning, Rev. Ruth broke some electrifying news. “After we dismissed the meeting yesterday, the mail came. In it was a letter from an attorney in Iowa who was settling an estate. He told us there would be $4,000 from this estate ‘if and when you open work in Africa.’” This God-timed letter convinced all that God was guiding in their deliberations regarding work in Africa.

Three of the four men did get to Africa. Robert Smith became a pioneer missionary among the Kipsigis and led the WGM missionaries in Kenya for many years.

God’s calling provides God’s enabling. If God indeed is calling, a door will open.

One thought on ““We Are Called To Africa”

  1. Pastor Noel Lubinda says:

    GOD is gracious! what a wonderful News that you have extended your missions to a far country like Kenya in Africa. Hope and Pray that one day you’ll reach Zambia as well. May God Bless World Gospel Mission for the the good work & effort to spread the gospel.
    Pastor Noel Lubinda from Zambia Africa.

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