The Backfiring Car Defeats Bandits

The mission field can be dangerous, and WGM equips missionaries for those types of situations. However, sometimes only God can intervene to help those in need. Read this excerpt from The Best of the Story: Miraculous Answers to Prayer to learn how God used a car to save those who were in great need as they served Him on the field.

“And they journeyed: and the terror of God was upon the cities that were round about them, and they did not pursue after the sons of Jacob.” Genesis 35:5

“When World Gospel Mission had missionaries in China, frequently bandits took possession of cities to rob and plunder. Missionary George Warner, later president of the WGM, wrote of the time he rescued two young Chinese school teachers from a town occupied by robbers.

“After locating the teachers, gunfire forced Warner and his companions to abandon the car to seek shelter in a nearby building. On returning, they discovered five or six bullets had smashed the windshield, penetrated the car, and hit tire treads, but the car immediately started.

“As they were fleeing across plowed fields trying to get out of gun range, the engine began to backfire. Warner had noted earlier that the carburetor was cracked and had tried to fix it with soap. While backfiring, the radiator began to boil, and fire started beneath the hood. Fearing an explosion, they fled and sought refuge in a ditch. Suddenly the radiator hose burst, and the car was enveloped in smoke and steam. At the same time, the shooting from the bandits ceased.  Warner returned and reattached the burned hoses while others found water for the radiator. He was amazed when the car started and they were able to escape without injury.

“Later, he saw that the fire in the engine had welded the cracked carburetor, and the exploding water lines had put out the fire. Everything had been “fixed” by the backfiring of the car. But why did the firing from the bandits cease? The backfiring car with the sound of exploding water hoses accompanied by smoke had caused the bandits to think that well-armed men were in the car and were firing in self-defense. The bandits fled.”

“Our God has the ability to distract the hearing and vision of the enemy so that he thinks we are well defended—which indeed we are.”

Will you pray for missionaries on the field? Pray that they will be protected in miraculous ways in the face of danger. Use or as resources for your prayer life.

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