Here I Am. Send Me to Where I Am.

Local missions is something that seems very scary to many of us. At first, this statement might catch you off guard, but I challenge you to really think about what it means to serve the least of these right where you are. Being in the homes of those whom others may view as undeserving, detestable, dangerous, evil, sick, etc., can feel uncomfortable. We know the truth—that we are all loved by God more than we can imagine—so did God call us to follow His calling but only if it’s comfortable?

This month we have been focusing on the topic of “dirt” (how God works through the hard times, the challenging things, the valleys of our walk where we need Him most) in our theme #GoGrowChange. I encourage you to listen to Nathan Metz, WGM missionary and pastor, as he talks about sending you right where you are. Nathan and Jade Metz are missionaries to Uganda, serving in pastoral training and compassionate ministries.

“Nathan was challenged by our pastor from Marion, Indiana, to answer the question, ‘What would you do if tomorrow God called you to Marion instead of Uganda?’ Applying basic missionary strategies to hometown neighborhoods, Nathan unpacks a theology of missions with practical and meaningful application. Watch below!” Jade Metz

This video is from Nathan and Jade’s ministry blog and is courtesy of Brookhaven Wesleyan Church.

As you think about this sermon, ask God to open your eyes to what He has called you to today—right here, right now—and ask the Holy Spirit to move in you.

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