A Year in Review

Mike Banks is a missionary serving on WGM support staff in Member Health as the MK Ministries Coordinator. In this role Mike does everything from helping MK’s with homework to helping them adjust to college life. Read on to learn about what impact Mike’s ministry has had in the last year and how WGM can help you get involved in making a difference in the lives of MK’s and their families.


“As I look back over 2016, even with the many challenges along the way, I’m reminded of how amazing a year it has been. I am also so thankful for the ministry to which God has called me and have been blessed “me and again as a witness to His work in so many lives.

“In late September, I was overseas visiting our missionaries in a creative access country. Our goal was to be an encouragement to each of the family members. It was a great opportunity to spend time with them in their home and at their school, helping us experience a little of their daily lives.

“We traveled on to Papua New Guinea where we helped lead a field retreat for our missionary families. My coworkers shared with the adults on the field, while I worked with the young people during the morning and evening sessions. The group of MKs was a little younger than I usually work with, but we had a great time throughout the week-long retreat.

“These field visits really help in understanding the cultures where the MKs grow up. It enables me to relate with them and have a better grasp of their life experiences. Please pray with me for the 17 MKs from these countries visited who are on the front lines of ministry with their parents.

“Since my return from this overseas trip, I’ve traveled over 5,000 miles visiting college-age MKs in eight different states. While making these visits, I was also involved in other ministries. In October, I was one of the facilitators for a retreat for ‘twenty-something’ post-college MKs presenting two of the sessions: one on identity and the other on Kingdom Focus. Then in November, I was able to share in a supporting church and to a group of students at Asbury University.

“During the face to face times with the college-age students, I try to listen to their hearts as we fellowship and then try to be an encouragement to them personally and spiritually. Some of the conversations have been very difficult, but God continues to provide peace and wisdom. Please pray with me for these young men and women who may be struggling in their faith or trying to grow in their relationship with Christ.

“Each year, I send care packages to our college-age MKs. This year, Grace Community Church came alongside of me and blessed these young people (and me) by funding this entire outreach. With their gracious financial help, I was able to either hand deliver or mail out 36 of these over the last few weeks. In addition to the wonderful financial blessing from Grace Community Church, I want to thank the many supporters who sacrificially pray and give. You make this ministry possible!

“As I prepare for upcoming ministries, please pray with me for these events:
♦ Dec 31 – Jan 8: MK ministries at WGM’s South American Regional Missionary Retreat in Peru
♦ Jan 11 – 13: WGM RENEWAL (re-entry retreat) for returning missionary families
♦ Jan 13 – 15: MK Snow Camp for nearly 200 college-age MKs
♦ Jan 16 – 19: WGM CMS Seminar for missionary families
♦ Jan 22 – 27: WGM Orientation Camp for ‘new’ missionary families

“Until I begin to travel again, however, I plan to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I pray you too enjoy these memorable times together, sensing God’s amazing presence in a special way.

“Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!”

To get involved in Mike Banks ministry visit his biography page at http://www.wgm.org/banks

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