Meet Mondo

Darin and Laura Arnott are missionaries on the American Indian Field. Read their story about a business owner God is using to share His gospel message with Native Americans. Please also pray for Mondo as he seeks God’s wisdom in expanding his ministry.


“Mondo is the owner of Mondo’s Food Spot, located in Sells AZ, on the Tohono O’odham Reservation. He is truly a bright spot in our lives and we enjoy our times spent with him on our frequent trips to Sells. We travel to Sells once or twice a month. While there, Laura visits a young lady in the jail and Darin follows up with a teen boy we met at summer camp. It seems we always end up at the grocery store! This last time we ran into a couple people we know. What a blessing to see familiar faces smiling back at us!

“We are so impressed by Mondo’s story. He faithfully serves his community of Sells through food service. When people come in for a bite of local Tohono O’odham flavor, they also receive a slice of God’s Word. Mondo freely shares the Gospel and his testimony of redemption! Mondo is also in the process of implementing some modern updates to his business, specifically a new roof, new structural support and electricity. We are excited to walk with Mondo and see how God continues to work in and through his life.”

WGM encourages you to spread the gospel however you can at your workplace. Missions work goes beyond the title of “missionary.” We are all called, and WGM can help you spread the good news ( and connect with the Arnotts (Arnotts’ Facebook or Arnotts’ missionary page).

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