Campus Ministry Creates Perspective and Growth

The Asbury Collegian recently published a story about WGM’s impact on Asbury University’s campus. In the story, students and workers share about how WGM is helping to correct the culture and keep people from getting stuck in a “culture bubble” mindset.

Here’s an excerpt of a quote from Jonathan Powers, WGM’s director of Student Involvement at Asbury. “We’re here to help students discover missions and ways to be a part of missions,” Powers said. “There are great opportunities to learn how to love people around the world. Part of what I hope WGM can teach is that a big part of missions is loving people well. The world will know that we’re his disciples because of that. We just want to help people do that the best we can.”

To read the whole story, visit The Asbury Collegian online. WGM is making an impact in the hearts and minds of college students at several other college campuses in the States and around the world. Whether you are a college student, a newly married couple, a parent, a retiree, or someone in between, WGM can help you get involved in missions. Visit for more information. God has called us all to missions in some capacity. Will you answer the call?


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