Photography for a Good Cause

Nathan and Cydil Waggoner are missionaries serving in church ministries in Albania. Cydil is also a talented photographer. Recently, one of her photos was featured in a Christianity Today article! We are proud of Nathan and Cydil for their hard work to present the gospel to those in Albania and for Cydil’s professionalism in photography. It is a great example of how God can use our gifts to tell about a ministry or cause.

Nathan shared from their ministry Facebook wall: “Surprised and honored to see one of Cydil’s photographs featured in Christianity Today! For the last two years, Cydil has photographed the children of the Jonathan Center so they can produce a calendar for fundraising. The Jonathan Center is helping to reshape the culture’s view on Down Syndrome by showing the love of Christ to these special kids and their families!”

Photo credit: Cydil Waggoner

You can learn more about what the Waggoners are doing in Albania on their ministry blog. Also, here is the link to the Christianity Today article.

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