Prescription for Renewal Conference

Our very own medical missionaries John and Linda Spriegel, Jim and Martha Ritchie, and Steve and Theresa Manchester attended the 27th annual Prescription for Renewal Conference in North Carolina in October. John, Jim, and Steve presented lectures and a report. The seminar, which was coordinated by World Medical Mission (the medical arm of Samaritan’s Purse), is designed to educate, encourage, and equip medical professionals to practice abroad in a volunteer setting.

When describing the seminar, Franklin Graham (Samaritan’s Purse CEO) said, “These ministries are saving many lives, but more importantly, they are leading people to a new life through faith in Christ.” Samaritan’s Purse is a partner organization of WGM and has a presence at Chogoria Hospital, Tenwek Hospital, and other hospitals in Kenya.

Meet these medical missions families:


Jim and Martha Ritchie serve in Kenya at Chogoria Hospital, specializing in medical training.


John and Linda Spriegel serve in Kenya at Tenwek Hospital and with Tabitha Ministry.


Steve and Theresa Manchester serve in Kenya at Tenwek and through a special project in hospice care.


Dr. Jim Ritchie (Photo credit: Martha Ritchie)


Dr. Steve Manchester (Photo credit: Linda Spriegel)


Middle L-R: Dr. Steve Manchester and Dr. John Spriegel (Photo credit: Theresa Manchester)

Theresa summarized their experience: “Steve and John Spriegel each prepared two lectures for the CME Seminar on Friday, October 14th, on topics ranging from tick fever to meningitis. Saturday morning, Dr. Jim Ritchie gave a very inspirational report on the ‘rebirth’ of Chogoria Mission Hospital and many people were interested in talking with him afterward.”

Will you pray for those who heard the lectures and report? May they have the wisdom to know if God is calling them to the field and the bravery to say yes when they feel that tug on their heart.

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