The Gift

Justin and Debby Williams are missionaries serving in pastoral training and education ministries in Uganda. In this post on the Williamses’ blog, Justin tells of his friend Mohammad who needed encouragement but ended up also encouraging Justin with his story.


Justin Williams and Mohammad (Photo credit- Justin and Debby William’s)

“This is my friend Mohammad. You might remember him from a blog post that I did several months ago. I haven’t seen Mohammad since last December. I was unexpectedly reunited with him this evening. I met Mohammad during a time when I was going through a lot of transition and learning to work within a new culture. He has a relaxed and pleasant demeanor that enables you to feel very welcome in his presence. I think at the very core of who Mohammad is, Jesus resides in that most secret of places. In a quiet way and loving way, Mohammad’s life emanates Jesus in every possible way. Even if he says nothing at all, he makes me want to have a closer walk with Christ. I wish more than anything that you could meet him because you’d simply praise God that this brother is in the family of God.

“Tonight Mohammad told me a story that really gripped me. The information of the story was gripping but also the emotion that came from my friend was intense. I wasn’t used to seeing him getting emotional, and at first he was embarrassed. I reassured him that I was happy to walk with him through what he was describing. This quickly put him at ease and he told me the following story.”

To hear the whole story, go to the Williamses’ ministry blog.

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