mis130425_01Emily Henry is a missionary serving in children’s and youth ministries on the American Indian Field. In her latest blog, Emily talks about how prayer can sometimes be intimidating for youth and shares what she’s doing to remedy that fear.

“Our teen group this week learned about a practical and easy approach to prayer.  My focus was to make prayer a natural behavior for them.  I believe teens tend to think of prayer as something intimidating and complicated whereas in fact it’s just like talking to a friend.  A friends who’s trustworthy, loyal, loving and unchanging.  So I brought in a worksheet that will hopefully help them in their prayer time.  It focuses on thanking God, asking for prayer for others, things they need to work on, their own requests and answers to their prayers or how God has helped them that day.  I also had them write down the A.C.T.S. format to help them have a better outline for their prayer time:

“Adoration is the act of praising God.

“Confession is the act of telling God the sins that we are struggling with.

“Thanksgiving is giving Him thanks for all of the gifts that we have received.

“Supplication is when we come to Him with our wants and our needs and our requests for others.

“The kids were really open to this; taking notes and asking questions.  I’m so excited to see this group grow!”

Will you join in practicing this A.C.T.S. prayer technique while you pray for these teens? May they experience God’s presence and a new sense of joy and connection through these prayer practices.


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