Transition: When God Asks For a New Ministry Assignment

Dan and Heather Galat, WGM missionaries to Kenya, recently said “Yes!” to God and a big change in ministry assignment. God moved the Galat family from their ministry of the past seven years at Tenwek Hospital to Kijabe. In this recent blog post, they share the grieving process of this move and pictures of their journey.

galat-goodbye Photo Credit: Galat Blog

In their words…

“Our family moved from Tenwek to Kijabe, (our 21st move since Heather and I were married in 1995).  By far, this was our most challenging, not just because of the logistics of planning and executing a household move in Africa, but because we said goodbye to the place we poured our hearts and lives into the past 7+ years since first arriving in 2008.  And the tears flowed freely last week, as God allowed us to feel deeply the grief of loss as we said goodbye to our dear fellow missionary and Kenyan friends, and the place our kids called ‘home.’

“At the same time, we sensed God’s mighty hand of sovereign direction, despite moments of severe doubt, wondering if we had made the right decision for our family.  With the help of faithful Kenyan friends and missionary colleagues who sacrificed time and effort to help in the process, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

“So now, Heather and I are in the process of setting up our 21st home.  While we are excited to see what God has in store for us as a family here at Kijabe, we also carry with us a feeling of sorrow, and more deeply, a longing for our unchangeable, eternal home, which awaits us in heaven.  We are convinced that this paradoxical bitter-sweetness is part of following Christ.  God never promised any of us that a life of faith would be without pain.  But, there is a reward that awaits us now, and in the end, as we continue in faith – that reward being Jesus Christ himself, our Greatest Treasure, our constant Companion and Friend, our Savior and God, our only Hope.”

Perhaps you can relate. Have you made a big move in your life because of God’s prompting? Then you know how to pray for the Galat family as they make this transition. If someone in your life is going through a life-changing move, take a moment to pray for them. God hears our prayers for each one.

Read more about God’s provision for the Galat family, including a home that will meet their needs.

2 thoughts on “Transition: When God Asks For a New Ministry Assignment

  1. Jim Vollmer says:

    There is something special in saying, “Okay, God, whatever and wherever!” It opens up horizons and blessings that would otherwise never be yours. My wife and I have also moved a lot. Moving is no fun, but watching the doors that ooen for us has been amazing. May you too experience wonderful adventures as you go exactly where God wants you.

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