Empty Tortillas


Larry and Angie Overholt

In WGM Compassion‘s blog post, it states the dire need of the people in a community of Honduras for food, water, shelter, and God’s love. Read on for a story of how God used His people to give to those in need and what you can do to help the cause.

Larry Overholt and his wife, Angie, have been involved in various aspects of community development in Honduras since 1982. In this post, Larry highlights the challenges found navigating between relief and development, and the Overholts process some of these hard and challenging issues. What have been your challenges as you walk this fine line between relief, rehabilitation, and development?


Photo Credit: Larry and Angie Overholt

“Our church has been helping build a new house for Francisco and Yolanda in one of the communities where the Shalom Church has been developing a church plant. A Hispanic church in the States had donated funds to help with construction materials. Church members from our Shalom Church in the city of Choluteca, Honduras were supervising the construction and local workers from the community were volunteering to help with the labor needed to build the house. With everyone working together, it would take about two and a half weeks to build a small secure cement block house.


Francisco and Yolanda standing next to their house under construction. (Photo Credit: Larry and Angie Overholt)

“Francisco and Yolanda were selected by community leaders as the most economically needy people in the area. Their old adobe house had deteriorated over the years and the rainy season was about to arrive. With a leaky roof and broken down walls in the house, the couple did not look forward to enduring another rainy season.

“Francisco is older and has chronic health problems. He is no longer able to work in the fields or go fishing along the coast like most of his neighbors do for a living. He and Yolanda have a few garden plants planted around their yard but it was not enough to sustain them.

“One of the guys working on the house construction said, ‘Yolanda and Francisco have been eating empty tortillas.’”

To read the rest of this great story and learn how Francisco and Yolanda were supported, check out the WGM Compassion blog at wgmcompassion.wordpress.com.

To donate to the cause of building more homes, visit www.wgm.org/community-development.


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