Prayers for Papua New Guinea

Benji and Erica Jenkins

Benji and Erica Jenkins are missionaries in Papua New Guinea who serve in a variety of ways but have a focus at Christian Union Bible College and Christian Union Church. This past Wednesday some political unrest in the capital city of Port Moresby led to protest around the country, including a shooting in Benji and Erica’s hometown of Mount Hagen. Benji and Erica are safe, but the town needs your prayers as tension continues among the citizens and the government. Continue reading to hear their firsthand experience and the news coverage about what is happening in Mount Hagen, PNG.

Benji Jenkins said, “Quite the day here in PNG with a lot of civil unrest. Watch the video to understand the story, and then read this update about our town of Mt. Hagen:

“We’ve heard lots of news coming out of both Port Moresby and Lae today, but little from other areas around the country. Paul Tamate reports from Mt Hagen, saying that there has been major commotion in Hagen Town with clashes between police and the general public taking place. Hagen’s main police station was attacked, the main bus stop also damaged and public property throughout town.”

Video by EMTV News:

Here is a link to a BBC News article covering the unrest in Mount Hagen. Article

Erica Jenkins stated, “Things stirring up in Kundiawa. We are praying for a safe travel home and are in contact with people in Mt. Hagen so we can make wise decisions. We have about 2 hours or so to go.

“We were just let through this roadblock because of why we are here in PNG. Also while we waited for over an hour people gave us bags of fresh mandarins. We are now cruising toward Hagen hopefully with no more stops!”

To see the video of the roadblock and hear more from Benji and Erica Jenkins, visit their Facebook pages by clicking on their names: Benji Jenkins and Erica Jenkins. You can also visit their blog.

Please continue to pray for those in Papua New Guinea. Government officials, locals, missionaries, and the church need your prayers. May those in the area be safe and feel the guiding hand of God towards His ways.

Other missionaries serving in PNG:

Butch and Leatha Jenkins

Jim and Becka Johnson

Seth and Veronica Porter

Shawn and Bethany Waugh


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