Preparation for Successful Missions

This week, a group of missionaries are here at World Gospel Mission headquarters for training and to work together with the support staff. New missionaries and recently returned veteran missionaries gathered together to learn about communicating their ministry, developing their presentations, and creating fundraising strategies.

The goal of the training is straightforward, and the weeklong process is demanding. Vice President of Homeland Ministries Todd Eckhardt stated, “We are preparing the missionaries to advance the cause of the Great Commission in North American churches.”


Staff Writer Rachel Elwood guides Angela Caffrey, missionary to Kenya, through her questions.

What is homeland ministry assignment?

Missionary disciples preparing for ministry and career missionaries returning to the United States after a term of service on the field are given a homeland ministry assignment to help build a support team. This HMA provides the missionaries with opportunities to share their calls to missions and to challenge believers to become actively involved in missions.

Through church services, group meetings, and personal contacts, missionaries on HMA acquire the prayer and financial support they need to get to the field.


Support staff and missionaries chat over lunch.

“This training experience has been very informative in an equipping way. I didn’t realize how much of an impact homeland ministry assignment is and how important it is here and now in the United States.” – Jewel Romdenh, missionary to Cambodia


During a social media session, WGM Mobilizer Jared Gleason fields questions and leads the discussion.

A busy schedule of meetings and conversations makes for a tiring week. Please pray for these WGM missionaries as they strive to be better equipped for the journey ahead and the hurdles they approach on the field. May God guide and direct them as they follow their paths toward a mission of service.

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